Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Morning!

It is still morning, right?? I have been up for all of 10 minutes! I never stay in bed this late so I'm going to blame the antibiotics!!
What a good blogger I am doing this before I start anything else! I figured I better or I'll never get to it later.
As promised new pictures!! See that over there??? I'm sure you do you can't miss it! This was a gift from friends of ours. They found it at an auction and decided they should give it to me because I have the birds! I don't know if you can tell from the photo but it's quite large at a bit over 3' by 2'. I was going to hang it in my living room window but it was so long that it reached the sill. It now hangs in
front of the sliding glass door in my kitchen. The colors don't really match the kitchen but I'll live with it!
Now for knitting news ~~
Here's the WIP Mason-Dixon loops rug done on #35 needles. See the size
of that needle laying there?? Try going from #1's to that!! Makes for interesting knitting! I don't work on it for any length of time now that it's so heavy. I am anxious to get it done and see where the heck it'll end up!! It doesn't match anywhere ! I wish that I would have seen the new colors AC Moore is carrying when I started this one. It's a fun project if you want something that's easy~~kids could even help you connect the loops.
OK, on to the next project~~

Finished washcloth from cotton tots~~very soft. Will use this to make more because I think these will work nicer than the peaches and cream for face cloths . I think it's softer and of course we want soft for our faces, right?? Who cares for the dishes!
On to the next WIP~~

Notice I left this photo full size so you could really appreciate it! lol~~I'm quite happy with the way this sleeveless top is turning out. So far I've had no problems keeping track of where I am! I'm happy with the color and hopefully my other two balls will come in soon. As of yesterday they were not in~~so much for getting them within the week! With any luck maybe I'll be able to take it with me when KK and I take our road trip!

I'm sitting here wishing it was a bit warmer! I can't believe just last week we were complaining about the heat and now it's chilly! Have been sleeping with the windows open and a blanket on!
It's nice outside today in the sun~~warmer than in here but since I'm not dressed yet I'd best stay in! Scarry sight first thing in the morning with only one cup of coffee consumed so far!
I am going to jump off here but before I go I will mention that I received a couple emails about that group mentioned in the previous post. Apparently yahoo automatically sends out that denial letter if the moderator doesn't respond within 14 days. There are circumstances that have kept the moderator off the list that are much more important. I will bit the bullet and reapply at a later date.
Now I'm
Off to knit

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