Monday, August 07, 2006

Looonnnggggg Weekend!

How come when you need the time to go by quickly it seems to really drag?? Normally I would be happy if the weekend went by slowly for that would mean it was relaxing no rushing around.
That was not the case this past weekend tho~~Thursday I was thinking maybe I'm coming down with a summer cold. That wouldn't have surprised me at all with the running in and out of a/c that I've been doing. Friday got up and didn't feel bad so I thought it passed~~but by late Friday I thought it's not a cold it's a toothache!! Oh, no!! What to do??? Can't get it looked at until today~~so by today I thought for sure I had an infection because my face hurt,terrible ear ache,
and I sounded congested. Nasty!! We were going to find a new dentist but of course we never got around to it~~not good to wait until you really need to go! I was able to get in to see one that's only a few minutes from home! He was great~~my only complaint?? The novacane hasn't
worn off from 1 this afternoon and it's now after 10!! That seems odd to me~~my face is swollen a bit and it's very tingley on one side so I'm thinking that it's finally wearing off. Interesting having that cup of coffee that I really needed after the appointment! Did I mention ~~drool???? Not a pretty picture!!
I have been doing a bit of knitting and if I can ever get the photo to upload I'll show you!! Nope,not happening ~~I'll have to try again later.
In the mean time here is some important info all the blog land knitters should be interested in!!
You can never start too early!!! lol~~
Ok, I'm back two days later!! Wound up going to the doctor's yesterday because once that novacaine wore off the ear ache was back with a vengeance!
Major sinus infection going on~~some strong antibiotics and 48 hours I should be feeling much better.
We'll see~~
Now back to the knitting~I stopped at the lys the other day and that's why this project is in the works~~
I stopped in to say "hello" and they were having a sale. You picked a slip from a bowl and that was your discount. For the first time I actually picked a good one~~50% off!!! Now be honest could you pass that up???
Of course not! There was something about this top that I have to have it!I don't "do" clothes but for this I made an exception! Wonderfully soft Ivory bamboo with a slight sheen~~perfect!

#2 - I'm really being optimistic here~~Xmas gift in the dream stage! I've been wanting to try the Log Cabin from Mason-Dixon~~DD could use a new throw. What better excuse to start another project?? Being practical for once though and bought acrylic. With all the pets it's the best choice.

Progress! This is so much fun to do!! Just when you get bored with the "log" it's time to change colors. This is great mindless tv watching knitting!

There's yet another project OTN but I forgot to get a photo. I'll save that for tomorrow.
I've also finished a couple wash and dish cloths so the stack is growing. Speaking of dishcloths did you ever get denied from a yahoo group???? I've never heard of that happening to anyone before!! I applied to a dishcloth group and was denied !!! WTF???? Check it out and see if you rate! Don't tell me if you get accepted cause that'll really tick me off!!
Let me think~~~~what else can I show you??? Want to meet Pearl??? No choice, it's my blog so here she is

Not the half finished sweater from last winter ~~Pearl's under it! I've been wanting a dress form for ages, who knows why but I was thrilled to find her. She was in this nasty building full of junk they were calling antiques. I actually saw her last year but never caught the place open when I had time to stop until a few weeks ago. I saw the open sign and told DS we're stopping and don't say a word!! I go in the building and there she was in the same spot collecting more dust/spiders!!! I was so excited until they said "oh, that's not for sale"!! "Oh no,I remembered her from last summer and I've been trying to catch you open just to buy her for my sewing room" I'm whining and probably look a bit crazed at this point and it was soooo hot that day I'm sure they wanted to get rid of me so they could go back and sit in front of their fans with their cool
drinks. Ok, fine we'll sell!! Yeah, I'm happy ~~they're happy~~DS is thrilled we're outta there!
She's standing next to the "ugly" dresser and you'll notice all the cotton below her to be made up into wash/dish cloths! We won't mention the one armed sweater with all the needles hanging out of it~~ok??? It's a design feature~~~
I've been watching way too much HGTV!!
Time for bed
Off to sleep


Sarah said...

I'm trying that group but they seem to be a little picky on who can join, what fun is that? Some rules can seem silly to me sometimes, but hey its their group right. have fun knitting, yeah Monthlydishcloths group :D


Sarah said...

I recieved this message:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: A message From Love2Knit_Dishcloths Yahoo Group
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 23:20:51 EDT

I am a moderator from the Love2Knit_Dishcloths Yahoo group and I am sending you this email to let you know that we have received your request to join our group. At this time our List Mom is unable to be online due to a personal matter and she is the one who makes all decisions on membership.

The way the group works is to automatically reject pending members after 14 days if no action has been taken. I would ask that you please reapply in September. Hopefully our List Mom will be back on line by then.

I apologize for the inconvenience of having to wait, and hope that you will try again in September.

Keep Knitting!

Maybe you just missed the email.