Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bad Blogger~

I don't know what it is lately but I just don't get here to blog! I'm on~~reading emails, enjoying blogs, Looking for yarn~~so I can't say that I don't get computer time. I'm actually on here more than I should be if I want to do all the things I have flipping around in my head!
Here we are at vacation time and the two things I really wanted to have done ~~aren't! I have to say it's not my fault ~~really!
Remember the sleeveless top??? Here it is ~~I was really quite pleased with the way it's working up.

Now I'm totally annoyed with it! I've stopped at the lys to check on the status of my missing skeins to find out that it probably won't be coming any time soon. It's a slow time for the lys and they are having some difficulties so they aren't getting their orders.
The other PITA is the Schaffer yarn that I've been hoarding for almost two years. I finally decided it must get used for something now! So I started a shawl~~three times!! This yarn is going to be worn out before I even get to wear it! I have learned a lesson through all this tho~~some of those free patterns on the net are worth exactly what you pay for them~~nothing!
So after a trip to another lys( not the above mentioned one) and a nice visit I decided one of the problems was the color of this yarn~~ it's not "me"! After much debate I added another yarn to it~~a soft mohair in a bronze/gold colorway. It softens the red and teals and now it's soooo me!!
Course the shawl is no where near done but at least now I like it! I'm using a Fiber Trends pattern~~basically garter but there's some lacey rows mixed in. I'm adding more than what the pattern has because I didn't want so much garter.
You ever get one of those days??? Well last week was one of those weeks for me! Seems everything I did or tried to do was wrong! It was one thing after another~~hopefully that's over. I managed to finish another dishcloth without any major injuries so I think I'm over it!
I joined the stitchmarker exchange and I received my package already from Joye. She says she's new at this but she could have fooled me! It's hard to see the markers but take my word for it they are terrific! She also included a beautiful lace scarf pattern tht I may have to try!
Joye, yours will be in the mail mid-week.
KK and I are going to have a mini get-away. We're going to leave early tomorrow morning and drive to the Corning Glass Works Museum. I have wanted to go there the last couple years and we never made it. I 'd like to try the lampwork beads workshop and the glass blown flower. They say the workshops are hard to get in to so I'm hoping we get there early enough that we make at least one of them. Bet you can't guess which bag I packed first? Ok, so you knew it was the knitting bag. I've got socks, enough for two washcloths and a couple magazines all ready to go! Not to mention my iPod is charged and loaded with knitting podcasts! Now I'm sitting here thinking I really should take the shawl with me~that would mean another bag~I'll have to think on it.
After Corning we're going to drive to Syracuse have dinner and spend the night then catch the
NY state fair. I haven't been to a fair in ages so it should be fun!
Look at that!! The family!! We all got together to take Talia our gd roller skating! KK and I on the right~~ds, dd and gd on the left.
Don't bother looking to see if I have skates on~~I don't! I had such a busy day that day I was exhausted! It was nice to have dd and ds together ~~it was weird being at the rink. Ds played hockey here for years and KK coached. Sure brought back memories~~like the one where ds hit his thumb on the side wall while skating and the next morning it was sore but I made him go to school to find out later in the day his thumb was broken!! Mom knows best, right? lol~~
It's time to get off here and finish a few things before bed so~~
Off to pack~more

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