Monday, November 13, 2006

Bad,Bad Blogger!

Ok, I admit I 'm a bad blogger! It seems every time I think about blogging something comes up~~mostly knitting! I have so many things I want to accomplish that I feel guilty getting on here to even read my emails! I must say that I've been on a finishing streak~~finally!
Noro Silk Garden socks~done!
Regia Fluted Bannisters~done!
Magallanes Wool socks~done!
Sweater for CIC~done Cute,huh? This is going to go to Russia hopefully to keep a little one warm. Did a size 6 figuring that would be more useful than a smaller size. Used two skeins of Plymouth Galway and had about 15/20 inches left! Talk about cutting it close! This pattern is done sideways from the first sleeve across to the other.
Interesting watching it take form the first time you try it! They really need more sweaters and vests so if you have odds and end wool in your stash and a little extra time a sweater or vest would be appreciated.
I had a good mail day today~~received my exchange pkg. from Pat at Creative Korner~~
Not one but two cloths and two bars of handmade wonderful smelling soap! I'll have to find out if she made it!

Doing good on DD's xmas afghan. I'd say it's about half finished! She's going to get some dishcloths also~~I've been stockpiling them!!
hmmm, now what could this be??? I've been reading a lot of comments about the knit picks Options circulars so I finally ordered a set. Guess that means I'll have to start something new to try them out!If you get their catalog you can guess what the yarn is for!
Now if the holiday spirit has you in a giving mood you might want to hop over to Lynn's blog at
she's trying to collect 300 pair of mittens for a church in Buffalo to distribute to the needy. That's a lot of mittens!
Have been to a couple knit nites again~~always enjoy that. Nice to see what everyone is doing.
I've decided to do the Weekend Sweater from Pure and Simple or is it Plain and Simple~~I can never keep that straight. Anyway it's a plain pullover done from the neck down using Lamb's Pride Burly Spun on size 17's!! I was going to do it in cream but changed to a Charcoal Grey instead. Using those 17's are so awkward after using 1&2's!!
For some unknown reason I've been on a cleaning binge~~my craft room was totally out of control~again! Did some rearranging and I can at least walk in there without tripping over something! Not done yet but definite progress.
Knitting is calling me so~~
Off to knit

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