Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I did it~~

I KIP today! I had an appointment to get a MRI done and I had time to kill so I whipped out my knitting in the waiting room and worked away. I didn't notice any reactions at all~~I purposely looked around to see if anyone was watching~~nope, no one! I thought that was weird!
I'm on a scarf quest right now~~this one is almost finished. I'm using Plymouth Tweed that I love the looks of if not the feel. It could be softer but what the heck it looks good! I only wish I wore hats so I could make a matching one! Hats look so cute on some but I hate them on me~not to mention the dreaded "hat hair". Maybe I'll do mittens instead~~
Seems like I've been knitting like mad but nothing new finished.
The Weekend sweater looks good~~the body is finished now on to the sleeves. I think I'll have to get that fourth skein of yarn to complete it tho~~I was hoping I wouldn't have to.
DD's afghan is so close to being finished! It's almost as long as me and at a few inches over five feet that's a lot of crocheting! I'm sure she's going to be pleased when she gets it at xmas~~even tho she's been hinting that it would make a nice surprise on Thanksgiving! I don't think so~~
Seems odd not to be running around to the grocery stores picking up all the fixings for Thursday's dinner. DD&Partner wanted to do the cooking again this year. Works for me!
We are going to get a turkey tomorrow while they're on sale and stick it in the freezer. In a couple weeks I'll make the same meal here~~no leftovers when you go out!

I've got so many projects that I want to do again ~I'm thinking after the holidays I want to try a fair isle something. A sweater would be nice but I'm thinking that starting out small might be a better idea! I mentioned it to the lys owner and she said she'd help me get started. Think I'll pull out some magazines and browse for a pattern.
All of a sudden I feel christmasey~ I'm ready to put the tree up!! Weird~~last year I couldn't have cared less if the tree went up or not! Started the yearly Amaryllis (sp?) bulb. I remembered on time this year so maybe it'll be in flower at xmas instead of mid-February like last year! lol~~
I want to finish that scarf tonight so
Off to knit

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