Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ok, I'm ashamed to admit it.......I'm an Olympic drop-out...........I swear it's not my fault(believe me I swore a lot) the Jaywalkers got the best of me! I'm not sure if it's just me being really anal or if they look as bad as I think but either way they gotta go!!
I'm not in the best of moods today it's been a bit of a wacky week and I was tired today. It probably wasn't the best time to work on the socks (from hell) but there they were staring at me what could I do? Picked up #2 (now there's a play on words) and started's done past the heel into the foot where the decreases start. Right off I see something I don't like~~rows back.
I am not taking 3/4 rows out with umteenthousand sts. on the needles I'll live with it. Maybe not.............I can't stop looking at this twisted/stretched's mocking me!! No way in hell am I tinking back that far.......ok, ok, maybe it won't be too bad if I go slow........crap, what the hell was that stitch????? A decrease???? A ssk????? Oh well, doesn't matter it's gone now!! Now what??? If I slip the stitches off the circulars carefully I can unravel back to the gusset......oops, whoa those stitches really slid off those addi's quick! Now I know I had more sts. than this when I started! Ok, so now I'm all the way back to the heel flap~~~I'm really fighting the urge to RIP IT TO SHREDS!!!! This is new was $18..........control yourself!!!
Throw it down on the floor/step on it/give it a swift kick/let Sophie roll around on it .......pick it up brush it off and frog the dam thing!! The End!

So tomorrow I'll cast on something new or maybe I'll sew instead!
Yesterday KK's day off we took a nice ride to Rochester .....there's an awesome x-stitch shop there. I had ordered a pattern months ago and it came in awhile back but I forgot about it. When they called to remind me I was tempted to have them send it to me but I'm glad I didn't. It was a beautiful day to take a ride. Sunny and warmer than it's been. Took us a little over and hour to get there but this shop is so worth it! On the same level as a great yarn shop! I'm sure KK was impressed! I don't think he really minds these little excursions I come up with because he doesn't have anything to do on his day off. In the same plaza is a fabric shop with a huge assortment of fabrics~~not the usual Joann pickings. Thank God I don't quilt!
After browsing the fabrics we went around the corner and had a nice lunch then headed home. I had a hard time staying awake......sleeping in the car is the best!
I think I've rambled enough so I'm
Off to read

Friday, February 17, 2006

Slow but Steady

I'm pluggin away on the j'walkers!!! Here you go~~just to prove there really is progress ! I've finally got the pattern memorized after many false starts and getting this far!! About time,huh?
I really like this sock~~I will do it again in another yarn .... a more "me" color. This one is fun but not my favorite.
I'm more the earth tones .
Last night I had the toes almost finished but didn't like the "bulge" I was getting on the side where the decreases start. I'm not sure how to remedy it. It seems there are too many stitches for the toe

area. I usually do 72 sts. for my socks and now I have 78. I wouldn't think the 6 sts. would make such a difference but it seems to. I'm at a stand still on what to do now? I want a smooth transition from the foot pattern to the dec's.
I have a horrible headache today...woke up with it and it doesn't want to go away so I may not do much knitting. How annoying!
Here is the toeless "J" I have a good fit until the toes so I really want to figure this out!
Off to lay down........

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bumble Bee in discontinued Opal colorway

Olympic Jaywalkers!!!

yeah, I know ....... this is what I said a week ago but I got caught up in the hype of it all and here I go again!! I'm going to have a pair of these yet so without further ado here they are Well the start anyway!! I was going to join team dpn but after a couple feeble attempts decided against it and instead I'm going for So appropriate,right??? I've actually tried doing these socks numerous times but for some godforsaken reason I can not get that pattern into my head! I lose stitches, I gain stitches......what the hell?? So while watching the start of the Olympics last night I gave it one last try and we have lift-off!!! Before I get too excited over them I thought I'd better get a photo .......just in case! How about that yarn tho, isn't it perfect Olympic knitting???
Wonder how this post is going to look????? I'm
Off to check

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Is it freezing yet??

Could I be the only one wishing/praying for cold I mean really, really teeth chattering cold weather ?? I never thought I'd be the one saying that but each day I'm wishing the cold front would just get here!! This weather is killing me~~it's the 40's that do it. Every day this week I've woken up with a headache and I can barely move. Every bone is screaming for cold/drugs!!!See photo!! Since I can't do much about the first and refuse the second it's been one hell of a week! I can not make myself do a thing around here~~it takes all my energy just to get dressed!
I did manage to get a haircut and that has improved my outlook a bit. I feel a little more like myself again.
Tonight KK and I need to run to the market and we're going to get dinner out~~that's a great mood lifter!! Course it's really nasty out~~it's pouring right now and it's predicted to turn to snow tonight but I'm not going to complain....well maybe a little!
I've been puttering around in my room trying to organize all my patterns. I must be up to five loose leaf notebooks. Wonder if I'll ever use half of them?? Trouble with doing this is I keep stopping to read the pattern and thinking I "need" to start something new!
I want to pull out all my sock yarn and see if there's a Jaywalker in there. I've been holding off..... trying to finish the Bee's first. I'm thinking I won't do the Olympics but I'll still try a pair of those.
I was surfing and found a gallery of them and I must say they really are nice!
Off to get ready

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is that cool or what???? It's a word cloud!! It scans your blog and then does your cloud!! I'll post the link when I can go back to it without loosing my post!!
I've made some progress on the Opal Bee socks~~I'm decreasing for the toe on the first one~~finally!!
I'm still giving some serious thought to the Olympics. Whit is doing a sock DPN one and I'm so tempted. The idea is to challenge yourself and using dpn's again would certainly be a challenge for me! I really can't remember the last time I did socks on dpn's. A couple times I've had to use them for sleeves and the felted vases but not socks. I really do have some yarn I could use even tho there's no pink/raspberry color which I'm definitely craving!! Still have a week to decide........
Nothing much else going on here~~trying desperately to clean up my room.......again!! I can't make any progress there tho. Every time I start I wind up watching tv/knitting/reading.....maybe I should just give up organizing it.
Off to knit bee's