Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bad Blogger

ok, I admit it I'm hooked on Plurk! I jump on and off all day long......if I stay away too long I'm afraid I might miss something! Crazy!
I do have some knitting news! Yeah, I know you're shocked, right? I'm working on #2 sock of the Regia pair. They really are a nice colorway. I am having trouble with my heels and heel decreases for some unknown reason. The last pair I did I wasn't happy with either. I'm doing them the same way as usual so I don' t understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm getting those holes at the join and my decrease don't seem right to me. I do socks magic loop on #1's......when I get past the heel turn I have all the heel and picked up sts. on one needle and the top of foot on the other. I like this for doing the decreases...this way you dec. and each end of one needle. As I'm looking at it I k1,ssk, knit across to last 3 k2tog,k1 then knit across the next needle. Sound right?
I can finally say my room is really done!! KK finished painting the new molding and he put it up today! I painted the light switch plate white then used the wall color watered down to antique it. Tomorrow I'll spray a coat of clear to protect it and then on it goes! I have a couple odds and ends to put away but it wouldn't seem like my room if everything was put away!
Did you see my new pet?? That annoying noise you hear is her eating! After I did her I saw there is a Llama ~~kewl!!
I saw/heard something the other day that left me with a nice feeling ...maybe you'll feel the same. KK and I stopped at McDonald's and it was quite busy with lunches. We wound up getting a seat pretty close to the ordering line. Standing in line was a middle aged man in a army uniform. I didn't even notice him until I heard a woman say" May I shake your hand? I just want to thank you for everything you do for our country". At first he seemed a little uncomfortable but I noticed after the woman walked away he had a smile on his face. Maybe that raok brightened his day......I hope so did mine.
I've decided No....More.....Yarn ...... at least not until fiberfest next month! I think I should be able to hold out until then!
Sorry, this post is so lame but I tried~~lol
It's getting late and I want to read a few minutes before bed so
Off to read

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Aunt Kathy said...

I haven't quite figured out how plurking works, hmm maybe that is a good thing

I see you are in Upstate NY, me too