Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September already???

Can it really be September already??? It doesn't seem possible that summer is over or just about anyways. Yet I guess it's true as we had my b'day get together over the weekend. That for me is the sign that another summer is done.

KK and I didn't do as much as we thought we would which I'll blame a lot on the weather. Seemed every time we had something planned it rained or looked like it was going to. We did take a day trip to Ithaca,NY which was fun. We managed to shop at The Commons, go to the brewery, hike the Buttermilk Falls gorge, and stop at a few wineries! It was a great day and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Of course an outing that includes a yarn shop is just what one could hope for!

On said trip I did snag some Happy Feet and Mt. Colors. As you can see a new bag just happened to catch my eye....no surprise there for those who know me! No trip to the wineries is complete without bringing some home for later! (DD and I managed to illiminate 2 bottles at b'day gathering)

Oh, I almost forgot that very light color is some Crystal Palace chenille. Very nice and soft! I've never see it in person and once I did I had to bring some home. Only wish I could have gotten more. There is a washcloth in Weekend Knitter that I'd like to do.(waiting for book from library)

KK and I managed the hike up the gorge and as exhausting as it was it was worth it! It was beautiful at the top...well, the top as far as we were concerned anyway!
These are some of the views as we were hiking up.Of course pictures don't do it justice.

This was amazing to see how the water had etched out this pool. On the way up there were three of these and with the sun shinning through the trees the water literally glowed emerald.

As you can see after that hike the temptation was too great not to cool off! I couldn't resist! They told us the water was 55 but it felt wonderful! Right behind me in the photo was another one of the natural pools. Teenagers were sliding down the rocks right next to the falls into the pool....that looked like so much fun! I resisted tho.......

Not to bore you with anymore nature photos here's the socks from the Sockotta my girls gifted me with from when they took this same outing!
Ater finishing these I wished that I would have knitted something with a slight pattern. I never would have picked this colorway myself but it really knitted up nicely.
I hate to say it but we've had the nicest five days in a row weather wise then I think we've had all summer. With the storms all over the country who would think it would be so nice here. Weird!
I'm looking forward to Guild starting this week. First project is some charity slippers and they are providing the pattern and yarn. We'll have until next meeting to do as many pairs as we can.
I've got a couple project ideas floating around in my mind to start. Not quite sure which I want to tackle first. Should probably think about holiday gifts but I can't think that far ahead!
Off to make dinner

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