Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick Post

I can't seem to find the time to blog but I've been plurking like mad! I can't figure out how to link to my page tho~it doesn't seem to want to work but I'm going to try to stick it here and see what happens~~ well there it is but who knows if it'll work?? I 'll try it when I'm done here. If it does work when you click on it it will sign you up as one of my friends~~come on ~~you know you want to be my friend, right??

My craft room is truly me now!! As you may know I took over DD's bedroom after she moved out a few years ago. For her 16th birthday we redid her room. She picked out the wallpaper which at the time was nice~~surprisingly enough she picked out a very country print that went with our house. The walls were papered from floor to ceiling and had a border. I was beginning to have nightmares about that paper!! I've been wanting to strip it for the last couple of years but it seemed just too overwhelming. Well, last week was it! My sons girlfriend was over and she has offered many times to help me redo the room~~so we started. We decided to do a small section behind the dresser in case we couldn't get it off we could hide it! The problem was originally when we moved in we didn't know the walls needed to be sealed/primed before we papered the first time. Unfortunately I papered right on the whitewash the builder used so the first layer of paper stuck~~really good! I was able to get the vinyl top layer off but the backing was on for good! I rented a steamer and it started to dissolve the wallboard! So dh sealed and primed the walls and then we papered for dd. All went well~~but now when we took this paper off we had to be very careful that we didn't dig into the original backing. We didn't want to have to re drywall the whole room. Fortunately the paper came off pretty good~~we started the job at 8:30p.m. and kept going till almost 3a.m.!! We had the entire room done except for a small area over the window. That was Sat. night~ Sun. dh spackled all the holes which took forever! Every time we turned around there was another hole! Monday he sanded and then primed and I picked out paint!! By Tuesday evening three walls were a sage green and the fourth was a bit darker!!
I was so thrilled that we could paint!! I thought we'd always have to paper because of that backing but not a seam shows!!! I added more shelves on the one wall and rearranged a bit so now for the most part the room is back together!! I love it!! I keep walking in there just to look around!! I know you're saying "what a dork" lol~~ but I really hated that paper!!
Found white shears with a design on them that I like so they're up and tomorrow dh is going to pick up new molding for around the door.

No knitting going on but I did go to my friends the other night and we did some beading. I've been wanting to do that for awhile so it was fun to go over and do it with her! It was like going shopping at the bead shop! I took beads for a necklace that I had but needed something to spruce it up and she had just the right thing! We did a bracelet too~~so I came home with a new necklace and bracelet without even stepping foot in a store!! We gotta do it again!!

Tomorrow DD and I are going out for awhile. She's on vacation this week so we're going to "do lunch" and browse a couple new stores.

It's starting to rain, again so I've got to get the windows shut so~
Off to beat the rain

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