Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Another week

I can't believe that another week has gone by since I've been here!!
Had a nice b'day~~DD and friend came over for dinner and they made me my chocolate cake!!
Enjoyed my gifts~~presents are always fun!
Love getting CD's I want and won't buy for myself~~and a new sweater in the prettiest fallish(is that a word?) orange.
Now I have a DVD player all my own to watch all those sappy movies dh doesn't want to watch!!
Friday mid-day dh stopped home and surprised me with a windmill I've been wanting~~tried to put it together myself and that was NOT happening!! Saturday when he got home we did it together--what a job that was!! Have to get a picture of it.
Sunday we went to Toronto to the CNE--that was fun but a very long day. Way too much walking for me!
We saw the Canadian RMP's~~they did a performance with their horse that was excellent!! It was amazing to watch the maneuvers with perfect timing! The dog show was very entertaining as usual. They really do look like they're enjoying themselves. Always take time to watch the horse show--beautiful animals ~~
Still working on the second wave sock --but making good progress finally! Working on the gusset now and hope to get past that before bed! Already thinking ahead to the next project!
Received my bottle swap from the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/whenever/ . Actually mine was sent in a box instead of a bottle but that's ok--never could have fit everything in a bottle! I was happy to get some Sockotta in a really nice blue color. Have never used this before. Also some Regia in Partie color--fun color.
There are a couple x-stitch patterns that would look really nice done up for my craft room. That means a trip to my favorite x-stitch shop to get just the right fabric!! Any excuse!!
Well, I've rambled on long enough for tonight so I'd better get back to my socks or I'm going to be up all night to make my goal before bed!!
Happy knitting~~~

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