Monday, September 20, 2004

Fiberfest Overload!!

Had a great time at the Hemlock, NY fiberfest on Saturday! Walked in and didn't know where to begin ~~
The yarns were absolutely beautiful~~every type you could possibly want!! I was intrigued by all the homespun, of course.
I went hoping to find a "Babe" wheel but didn't see any there. The only good thing about that I was then free to spend my limited dollars on other things!! And spend I did~~I picked up not one, but two spindles!! So if you get new spindles naturally you must get some roving, right?? I did purchase two different types but now have no idea what they are! I hopefully bought enough of each to make socks once spun. I can't wait to say "I made these totally from beginning to end" well, with some help from the sheep!
Ater a couple walks around the buildings I was totally overwhelmed! Too bad it was so darn cold out--it would have been nice to take a break and really give some thought to what to purchase~~but hey, even without the break I did ok.
Took a couple pictures of the Alpacas~~they have the cutest faces!! You just wanted to grab them and give em a hug!! Did see some Angora goats that were awfully cute,too. hhmmmm,wonder where I could hide one of those?
Did start a new pair of socks the other day with some yarn I got through ebay. Decided this time I would start both at once~~got to the heel flap and they were waayyy too big!! So not only one sock to frog but two--how annoying is that? Anyway I did start them again yesterday while sitting outside in the yard enjoying the beautiful fall day. Today I have the first one to the gusset stitches and I'll start the second after trying them on again to be sure they're right! I'll take some progress photos later.
Yesterday morning DH and I found a nature walk that's only about 10 minutes from home! Amazing we've lived here almost 30 years and never knew it was there. Perfect day for a hike in the woods. Found a waterfall back there and someone had some benches placed in a spot right near the falls to take a much needed rest! Next time I'm taking a soda!!
Off to knit~~have a great day

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