Tuesday, September 14, 2004


They are finally finished!! Spent a good part of the afternoon finishing my wave socks~~so much for "only about an hour of knitting" They are definitely worth it tho~~I'm really happy with the way they turned out~and they fit!!
This was the first time that I carried the pattern down the foot. I think I would like to try this pattern again using the no cable needle method. I would think once you get the hang of it that it would be faster.
Not sure what I'll do next~~I'm starting to get a small stash of yarn~~so at least now I have a few choices.
Too late tonight to start anything and I'm tired so I'll wait until I get home tomorrow and decide.
The weather today was nice again and tomorrow is supposed to be nicer yet. Maybe I'll cut the grass and surprise DH. Then again~~maybe not!
Can't wait until the weekend to go the fiberfest~~that could be trouble!!
Ok--going to get a wave photo on here~~

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