Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I haven't been here in almost three weeks??? That seems impossible but the calendar says it's true!!
Let's see ~~where have I been?? Had a nice thanksgiving with GD's family. Then went to an open house at friends. Wound up staying out really late--poor DH was the only one who had to go to work the next morning!! Way too much to eat and drink!
Then on that Sat. DD and I did gift wrapping for the Greyhound adoption group at Borders. We weren't busy at all so I got some knitting time in!I was talking with one of the members of BGA and she mentioned they are going to try to place some senior hounds. When they do and send them to their new home they are gong to include "care" packages with them. They'd like some blankets for the crates so she asked if I'd be interested in making some. How could I refuse?? That night I wrote to some of the groups I'm on and asked for yarn donations~~they need to be acrylic blankets for washing and drying purposes. Of course I don't have any acrylic yarns but have lots of time~~or will have once the holidays are over. As of today I've received four boxes of yarn!! I can't believe how generous people are!!
DD and her friend and a good friend of mine have volunteered to help with the knitting!!
Seems like I've been running around almost every day and haven't even really started my xmas shopping!! Don't know what the he&*'s the matter with me but I'm definitely not in the mood!!! DD came over last Sat. and got out all my decorations out of the attic and put back the empty boxes for me!! The tree has been up in the living room for a week with no decorations!! Tomorrow it will be done no matter what!!
On the knitting front~~I finished my mittenettes,Gd's poncho,one mittenette and one sock needed for xmas gifts! Guess I'd better get moving!!
The new den is painted and I put the border up~~looks really nice and I'm glad it's done!! Now we just have to decide what to put in there!!
Well, I'd better get back to the needles!!
Hopefully new photos soon!!

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Gracie said...

Isn't it amazing how time flies around the holidays?

Have a great week and Christmas!