Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's a three thing~~

Why is it they say things happen in three's???? And it's true!!! Well sort of~~
First the garbage disposal flings a blade ~~a few days later the laundry room floor has a stream running through it~~wtf???? After fiddling with the faucet connections to the washer I realize that if it was coming from the connections there wouldn't be soap flowing across the floor!!! The flipping washer has sprung a leak!!! OMG!!! What next???? I shouldn't have even thought what next~~I put something in the microwave and walk down the hallway and I hear this groan~~what on earth was that???
Go back in the kitchen to see the microwave has nuked it's last leftover!! Dead~~
unbelievable~~this can't be for real~~
The last straw is this thing~~~I expect at any time it's going to go. Notice I already have had the terrible 3's so I'm literally praying that this thing holds on.
It's not sounding real good~~ as a matter of fact it sounds downright scary at times!!! It sounds like something speeding up out of control then slows down again. Sunday night we couldn't do anything ~~have cable connection but couldn't get to the internet or get email even tho it said we were connected. So frustrating~~I finally said the hell with it and went to bed at 2 and left it to DS to figure out. He worked on it to 4 and finally we were good to go. It still sounds bad tho~~
Now KK doesn't use this at all so you know what his feelings are if this goes, right??? It's the least of our worries at this point! Well, some of us stay home all day and this is our connection to the real world~~guess what is more important to me??? Clean clothes??? Nuked food???Garbage??? Or blogging???
Did I mention the dishwasher???? Won't even go there~~~I told Kk what can you expect other than the microwave we bought everything when we built the house ~~30 years ago in May!!!! It's just the timing ~~everything at once and at Xmas.
DD still had her microwave from college and it works great~~it's so tiny you can fit one bowl at a time in it and it's purple!!!! Makes a statement in my country kitchen!!
Ok~~done ranting on to knitting~~ doing really good!!! Started Kk's socks and decided on the waffle pattern and I'm liking the way it looks. I do think I'll have them done on time.
Remember the 50's slipper pattern??? In the rug yarn??? Finished two pair of those.
have another project over half done but can't spill the beans here!
I thought I'd like a real tree this year and then said the heck with it and brought the artificial tree in yesterday. It was so warm I finished putting some yard things away ~~stopped the pond~~cleaned up some dead plants and leaves.
Went out for awhile today and met up with Heather at Timmy Ho's for coffee. We were going to tackle teaching her the magic loop but she wasn't in the mood. You know how that is if you don't really feel like doing it nothing will go right. We made a quick stop at the lys and walked out without buying a thing!! Yeah for us!! Have you noticed that some stores are so overrun with funky that they seem to have forgotten the basic down to earth knitting?? Can you say "Reality check?" We wanted to go to NY Knits last weekend but didn't make it~~neither of us had the ambition to drive all the way there!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was very nice~~went to DD's for most of the day and had a delicious dinner~~lot of wine!! Then on the way home stopped at friends for cocktails and turkey chowder!! It was terrific! Got home about midnight and crashed!! Kk had to work on Friday and I did not leave the house!!
No "black Friday" shopping for me!! That's how I've been getting so many FO's done!!
Staying home and staying off here!! lol~~
Right now I'm
Off to watch "House" and knit~~


amylovie said...

Oh no! The computer and the washing machine would be my biggest concerns too.


Chris said...

You will have to come to Knit night and we will get your mind off your broken things.
Bring your slippers, I'd love to see them.

Jenn said...

We had out washing machine do the same thing. But come to find out it was the septic tank. The entire laundry room floor, part of the kitchen floor, into the office and got part of that floor and got the carpet in the living room near that wall. It came through the walls. Hope things get better :)