Friday, November 18, 2005

Two in a day???

Yup, two projects finished today!! Hooray!! Course I can't take any pictures to prove it~~dead batteries! I'll post some tomorrow tho~~batteries are charging as I write this!
Now I have to post/confess all the WIP's~~
3 pair of socks
1 sweater~~ok I lied already~~two sweaters but one doesn't count--it's for summer
4 scarves
1 mitten--one finished
1 I-cord handle needed for felted bag
Seems like I'm forgetting something?? Can't think what it could be tho~~so all together I had 12 projects~~including the two I finished today!
I frogged Ella decided I didn't like it in the Schaffer yarn. I swear I'm going to take another picture of it and have you all give me ideas!! There is a picture somewhere here way back but I can't remember exactly where. This yarn is driving me crazy!! It's a wool/silk blend and I haven't liked anything I tried with it. Not to mention how expensive it was!!
So all these projects need to be done asap!!!
Winter had finally hit!! Snow has been falling all day~~very light but everything is covered and the temp dropped to the 20's!! What a change in a couple days!
I really need to find a nice handpainted yarn for the multidirectional scarf. The pattern is made for variegated yarns and they are my favorites!
Oh, hell's bells I just remembered a couple more things I need to finish! Last year I found the old pattern of a slipper sock that I made when I was learning to knit as a kid!!! When I saw it I knew it right away!! I can remember knitting them and my mom would sew them up for me! How cool is that?? I remember making them out of rug yarn of all things! Last week we went to friends to play cards and she brought them up! Her grandmother used to make them for her~~out of rug yarn too!! Do you even know how hard it is to find rug yarn anymore?? Joann's had a little tiny area that I walked right by and would never have found had I not asked the sales lady for help!
You used to be able to get some really nice colors but not anymore~~black,white,tan,rust,red~~I think that was it. Anyway I told my friend I'd make her some. Sunday afternoon when DD came over she saw them and loved them!! OMG!!
They are goofy lookin~~you can whip a pair up in a couple hours and it's one size fits all! So now I'm making few pair of those! Hate the colors tho~~wonder what else I could use? I'll try to scan the pattern tomorrow so you can check them out!
I need to go knit on a scarf!! So that's enough rambling!!
Off to knit~~

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LisaPrit said...

You can do it!!!!
Knit, Knit, Knit