Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Soggy Day!!

It was wet and windy all day today! The temp. is dropping too~~caught part of the news and it's snowing in Buffalo!! I mean real snow~~the type that sticks! Not doing that here. We're about 30/40 minutes from the city and the weather can be so different.
KK and I didn't let it ruin our day tho~I woke up to "hon,wake up, breakfast is here!" I'm like huh?? I was really out~~he scared the heck outta me!! There he stood all smiles with a plate in one hand and coffee in the other!!! Now this was a first and after 36 years who woulda thunk it??? Breakfast in bed!!! Eggs, and toast with honey spread just the way I like it!! What a way to start the day!! I thought it must be the crack of dawn and it was 10 a.m.!! He'd been up waiting for me to wake up!! Definitely a keeper!!
We had a nice tho wet day! Finally went to Joann's to check on what they were doing about my sewing machine. Course the "boss" wasn't there. So left all my info~~again and they're going to call me~~won't hold my breath!! They'd better call tomorrow or KK will be up there in full fury!
Went to Barnes&Noble since we were right there~I love that place! Pulled up a seat right at the fireplace and had my Mocha Latte with Raspberry syrup~~~ummmm, soooo good!! They are definitely getting ready for the holidays the shelves were packed. A lot of new knitting books~~don't I go up to the service desk when we first get there and ask if they carry Modular Knits?? The clerk looks it up and says "yes" there should be a copy~~I'll show you. As if I didn't know where the knitting books were!!
Anyway, don't we walk over and there they are~~stacked right in front!!! I swear they did not have it a week ago!! Quite a few other new books too~~Yarn Harlots second book was right up there too! I decided to treat myself to one~~so I picked the Modular Knits. I haven't even looked at it yet~~I'm saving it for when I can sit quietly and drool over it!
We then went to Olive Garden and had the lunch special of soup and salad. The perfect lunch for a rainy day! The soup was so good I wish I could have eaten more!
After lunch we popped into Circuit City to check out the stereos/speakers. Then off to Michaels. I picked up some sock yarn to do the MD scarf~~I really liked the color but it is acrylic~~yarn snob showing! I did buy it the~~I'll save my opinion until after I see how it works up.
Once we got home I helped DS clip Houston~~yuk! He's so matted again and he hates to get clipped. Poor guy is getting old and just wants to be left alone. You can tell he feels so much better after getting trimmed.
Once that was done I got out my Irish Hiking scarf and sat with KK, watched TV and knit!!
I joined another kal!!
Lisa is having it.
You have to confess how many WIP's you have and the goal is to have Naked Needles by the first of the year!! I'm up for it~~I'm driven!! Now to count all the wip's!!!
Off for a snack


amylovie said...

I wish some of the white stuff would head down to Houston. It just doesn't feel like fall/winter when you can wear shorts.


Jenn said...

Yesterday was our rainy day.