Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Miss Me??

I haven't posted in almost two weeks??? Doesn't seem possible!
Are you starting to feel the pressure??? Come on, you know what I'm talking about~~that Christmas frenzy!! I was~~but I've got it under control now~~I'm knitting BUT only what I feel like knitting!! I'm trying to put a block on my wandering mind~~it gets carried away with too many ideas!!
I even joined a KAL~The Irish Hiking Scarf~~cables of all things!! I'm really enjoying working on it! I'm using a light worsted Alpaca in cream~~it's soooo soft!! I originally was thinking of gifting it but as I'm going along I'm becoming attached to it! I'll try to get some photos tomorrow.
For awhile there I was really completely disgusted with knitting~~nothing was turning out the way I pictured it in my minds eye. The tried and true remedy??? Socks!! I should take my own advice~~which I finally did after a few project flops!
DD's socks are almost finished~~just have the toe to finish up on #2!!
I do have a couple other things for Xmas to do but can't mention them here~~certain people read this so they'll have to be a secret!
Our knit shop A Knitter's Corner is having a 15% off sale this Thurs. evening!! I'll be there!! I'm sure there is something I must have.
I've been looking for a new book ~~it's called "Modular Knits" by Iris Schreier ~~I tried to find it at Joann's and AC Moore with no luck. Did I tell you about the multidirectional scarf I was working on?? It's a really neat look ~and a easy knit once you understand the concept. Did I mention that I frogged the whole thing?? The pattern was great I didn't like my stitches way back at the beginning and knew in my anal way that it would drive me nuts not to fix it! The pattern is free when you join Iris's yahoo group Now I "need" the book for all the other patterns!!!
I was wondering how come no one ever "steals" my button?? It's a perfectly good button~~a cute photo of Sophie~~I know if I told her that her picture was all over blog land she'd be excited!! In case you're wondering, yes we do have some interesting conversations while she's lounging on the futon next to me while I'm cursing, I mean figuring out a pattern! She's not much for words but she always lends a paw!
Well, it's getting late and no knitting got done today. I'm going to get to bed and hopefully start out early tomorrow with KK and get our errands done so I can get some serious knitting time in!!
Off to sleep~~


me myself and i said...

ugh! Christmas! I dont even want to think about it. Though I WILL have my shopping done early this year!

ericah64 said...

YES, I missed you! I have you in my "favorites" under KnitBlogs. I love that Irish hiking scarf, but here in the SF area, we don't have much need for that kind of item, so I haven't rationalized it yet. I'm on my second multi-directional scarf, and I totally love it! Wish I had some self-striping yarn to do it in; I'm sure it would be great. Sorry, I *can't* steal your button; doesn't "do" buttons.