Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's over~~

Thank goodness vacation and b'day is over!! We had a great time and I'm exhausted!! KK purposely took this time to coincide with my b'day and Labor Day! This way he had more days off. We did more than I thought we would since we decided to do local things. Well, not really local but we stayed in-state.
After many years of wanting to go to the Corning Glass Works museum we finally made it! That was an enjoyable day. There is so much to look at and we made flowers!! Let's just say that was interesting and it's not quite as easy as it looks.

This piece is in the lobby and I had to have a picture of it! Can you just imagine having to dust that??? lol~~

Let me see if I can find us doing our flowers!!
Well, here's me getting my protective gear on and I'm trying my best to make it look like a flower! See that bright spot there?? That's one hot oven!

Ta Da!!! That's my baby she's holding~~have to pop it in the anelian (sp) oven before it breaks to cool until the next day. I know that isn't spelled right but you get the gist~~
Now here's the man of the hour doing his best~~ it looks so easy until you try it and then you
totally panic~~You have to work very quickly before the glass cools so it doesn't crack. KK did very well actually, much better than I did. He could pull out the petals where I had trouble just hanging on to the huge grippers!! You have to hold your arm at an angle and pull very quick to shape the petals ~~then you stretch the flower head waaayyy out to thin out the stem and then scrunch (technical term) it back to make it curl. It was really fascinating to see the glass blob take shape! Now to find the finished photo~~hang on~~oops, must still be in the camera~~darn it! I'll try to get it on here later.
We stayed in Utica at the Hotel Utica a restored 1930/40's hotel. Very nice~~loved the lobby, leaded glass lamps of every color and shape. Mammoth crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Music from the era was playing~~they had Romeo and Juliet too~~two of the prettiest love birds I've ever seen! They were displayed in a cage on a table with their own brass name plagues! Rooms were nice and they had a hot breakfast buffet included.
Kk really loves that camera!! lol~
In the morning we took the Scenic Adirondack Train ride to Old Forge. That was nice~~very peaceful and relaxing two hour ride. In the fall the ride has to be breathtaking with the fall foliage. Once in Old Forge we took the lake cruise~~another two hour ride. Thankfully it was sunny, but a bit cool for me so every once in awhile I went inside to warm up. Old Forge was a shoppers haven~~we didn't have time to do the shops justice tho~~so that calls for a road trip back! Everyone was talking about the hardware store and I'm thinking "big deal, all this way to go to a hardware store?" Well, let me say this was my kind of hardware store!! They had everything you could possibly think of!! And the best part???? Go straight, hang a right, go straight and you're right smack dab in the middle of a yarn shop!!! I mean a real lys!!!! They had the best yarns,patterns,books,needles everything!!! Who would have thunk it???? So of course since it was vacation I had to get a souvenir, right??? So I picked up one skein of Mt. Colors in a variegated deep red colorway. Fooled ya right, thought I got more?? Nope, I was good~~didn't know what else we had planned so I didn't want to use up all my $$ right away.
Another day we went to the NYS fair~~KK and I have wanted to do this the last few years and never made it so finally we did. It was fun even tho we had to run through the raindrops all day!
It was good to get home that night and sleep in our own bed! Next morning we were off and running again this time with DD. We had a shopping day planned for my b'day. She wanted me to pick out some clothes but I opted for a new watch instead. We had lunch out and then went to Barnes and Noble for coffee and browsing. I picked up a couple knitting magazines which I still haven't looked at!!
Next day was the CNE in Toronto~~another full day and more dodging the raindrops! Fun
non- the less. Coming home was a bit scary as they has high wind warning on the bridge signs lit up~~and it was still raining! A bit nerve racking for KK and he was glad to get home!
Sunday , KK and I hit the Galleria and it was like the week before Xmas~~insane! Did some shopping and then DS took me out for b'day dinner!! This was becoming quite a b'day!!!lol~~
KK gifted me with the photo printer that matches my computer so now I have that to figure out!
I'm sure there's more to blather about but I must say that I'm really tired tonight even tho it's so early so I'm going to post this and call it a night!
Off to rest~~~~

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