Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Forever changing!!

Here I am again with a new look~~not my idea! For some reason my blog goes haywire and drops everything from the side and sticks it at the bottom. What's up with that?? I realize I must be doing something to cause this to happen~~but what??? It's so annoying having to add everything back on. I still don't have some things but at least I'm here!!
I've been trying since Sat. to get to these photos from fiberfest! After getting a late start Heather and I got there to find the parking field a huge mud hole! We lucked out and got a relatively dry parking spot and we were off!! The day was overcast and started out cool but thankfully it never rained.
Blogger is being stubborn the pictures won't upload so I'll have to come back and add them later~
I found two yarns that I liked~~well more than two but remember ~~self-control?? I did good but it took all day and a couple trips around the whole fest for me to make up my mind! I dragged Heather around and around while I decided and she actually found one for me.
I picked a brown/rust variegated wool/camel down yarn for the Wave and Shell Shawl. This is hand dyed and when it's gone it's gone! They only had three skeins of the color I wanted so I'll make it as long as it lasts!
Then we found a pattern for another shawl that we both really liked and doesn't look to difficult. For that I purchased 1,000 yds. of Peruvian Alpaca in a very soft brown. The name escapes me at the moment. It's so soft I can just imagine it as a blanket! KK liked it and said I should do a sweater~~yeah, right.
We found a booth where the woman makes soap that smells wonderful and she makes the most awesome bags!!! We were there forever and wound up leaving with two bags~~one each!! Heather gifted me with one for my b'day and she got one for herself too. Lots of pockets inside and mine has a handmade button on the front. These are tapestry fabric bags so they're really sturdy~~let's see if blogger will do a photo now~~
There ya go~~isn't it great???

Now you can understand why it's so difficult to make a decision,right? There's rows like this all over!! It's a bit overwhelming that's why it's good to go with a project or two in mind so you don't random buy.

Sophie approves~~see her collar?? She's dressed for fall! DS says it looks like she has a scrunchie around her neck~~she does~~lol
An antique knitting machine-- I've never seen one before, Notice on the left side of the table a csm (circular sock machine) is attached. Now that is something I'd love to have!
awwww~~this little guy was a handful. He was not happy about this at all! Hey, who wants to get naked in front of all these people?
Enough?? Ok, I'll save some photos for tomorrow. Blogger must be tired the photos are taking forever to upload s I'm going to post this--hopefully and call it a night!
Off to knit

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ericah64 said...

When my blog does that, it's b/c I've put in a picture that's too wide. As soon as I shrink the picture some, the sidebar stuff goes back to the side. Next time that happens to you, give it a try.

I nearly started drooling when I saw all that yarn hanging there....