Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's up

With these computers the last week?? So many are commenting that their pc's are really, really slow! Wonder what's causing it?? I started to panic thinking I was crashing again. Every thing is working but in slow motion~~kinda like me these days!
It's getting cold~~not cool ~~cold! Going to be down in the 40's tonight which means the house is going to be freezing in the morning. Kind of morning you just want to stay under the covers! Course if I'm being honest I have lots of those!
More fiberfest for your viewing pleasure~~
Heather shopping!
Sweaters on the hoof!
I don't usually have that dumb ass look on my face but just as I started petting this big boy some woman makes the comment that he's going to spit so I'm thinking "ewwww, hurry and take the photo!!" Thankfully he never did spit and he wasn't very cuddly sort of scratchy feeling.

That's it for fiberfest until next year!! Wait, that's not true there's going to be a local fest next Saturday. It was quite small last year but hopefully each year it'll get bigger and better. Since it's not that far I'm planning on checking it out. I'll be sure to remember my new motto
I can't decide if the shawl is done or not. I added a ruffle instead of fringe but now I'm wondering if the ruffle is wide enough? Does it look too skimpy for the size of the shawl?
Can you make it out?? Doesn't Pearl look lovely?? Here's the back view ends still not woven in.
What do you think more ruffle or not??
I've been blog reading a lot lately and I always read the blog lists that some post on their sidebars and I'm never there! Does anyone ever read this thing?? I guess I shouldn't care because when I first started it I did it for myself. Just someplace I could vent and say what I felt and blather on about whatever struck my fancy at that moment. Then I discovered blogland and it was interesting to read what everyone is up to. All of a sudden it hit me~~people I don't even know may be reading what project I'm attempting or what ticked me off that day! So should I drive myself crazy and attempt to get that dam button back on here so someone can add it to their blog list?? I'm almost afraid to add anything to that template knowing how temperamental it is. All it takes is one small twitch and everything goes haywire and I really don't feel up to redoing this thing again!
Maybe I'll try it in the morning! I mean after all "it's as cute as a button"
Off for a snack


Heather said...

hello!!! do I not look PREGNANT in that picture????? but the hair looks good no? Love the shawl!

Heather said...

I read your blog and have for a while. Dee fm KS