Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just because

you can knit something doesn't mean that you should! Really, have you looked around blogland and seen some of the things out there?? There are some really hideous patterns and some of us really loose all common sense and we knit these awful things!!! Now if you saw these things for sale in a store you'd be speechless at the nerve of the retailers expecting us to spend our money on such garbage but ~~we knit them!! WTF???? I don't get it! Maybe we (I'm writing we but I certainly don't mean me) maybe we plan of giving all this nasty stuff away?? To someone we really don't like???
Such a shame "you knit what" stopped blogging~~now that was always good for a interesting read! I used to think some of the things they'd show were really a joke but they weren't. They were honest to goodness patterns or items they found on someone's blog. Nasty!!
Ok enough rant and on to my knitting~~the shawl is coming along quite nicely. I'm so glad that I added the strand of mohair it makes all the difference with the color. Now I'm just inches short of completing the first full skein of Schaffer and I'm not sure if it needs to be any bigger. It's really quite scrunched up on my 40" needles right now. I can't stretch it out until I run a cord through all the stitches.
My next idea is the fringe~~to bead or not to bead? I'm thinking they would add more interest but I can't find what I want. The problem is I don't know what I want. I had in mind something really different/unusual but I can't find the right thing. I stopped at the usual stores and then went to the bead store~~one problem is the hole size~~most are too small. Once into the larger holes the beads get bigger and that means heavier too. Not good~~
So the search continues~~~
Finished another cloth and started another for an exchange. This cloth knitting is so addicting! You can finish one so quickly and they aren't expensive so you can go wild with your stash!! See?? That's all Sugar and Cream and peaches and Cream cotton! Guess I can do a lot of cloths!

And to prove that I'm actually accomplishing something~ there are three Mason-Dixon ball bands and some from the MDKAL~~blog links on the side over there~the stack keeps growing!

It's been so dark and dreary and raining the last couple days . In between the bouts of rain I took these photos~~ honest to goodness grapes on the vine! Did this vine know I wanted to rip it out next spring and plant something new?? It's been in for 10 years and I've been trying to get it to cover this small arbor in my back yard. Never even hinted that it could actually produce any grapes and low and behold there they are!! I was so excited!!lol~~They're Concord grapes and we don't even like them but who cares ~~they look wonderful!! Guess I'll have to look into how to take care of this thing~~I'm sure it must need to be pruned or something? Anyone know??

Fiberfest is this weekend and I can not wait to go!! I'm taking a couple patterns with me so I can look for yarn. So I'm
Off to find my patterns~~

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Anonymous said...

Yummy - you can send the concord grapes to me; they're my favorite! My grandparents used to grow them and they completly covered and gave shade to a patio with a picnic table underneath (under the vines, not under the patio). I used to love to go there and fill a paper grocery bag with them. Oh, the memories :)