Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo Post!

Don't they look innocent??

awwwww!! Maddie wants to go for a ride!

an unwanted guest!

Sophie checking the plants!

awesome cactus!

Not the way you want to end a ride in the country!

ten day old male

ok, had enough?? This little guy was at a fiber fest I went to last weekend. It was the first year for it and it wasn't very good. What was there was good but there were only 5/6 booths related to spinning/knitting. I did see something interesting tho~~a Turkish spindle! It's a bottom whorl spindle that has these four arm thingies that as you spin the yarn wraps around these to form a center ball pull! After you load the spindle you somehow remove the arms and slip the ball off~~kewl!! They didn't have any there for sale which I guess is a good thing because I know I would have come home with one! I'll look in the fall at Hemlock. Not that I really need anything else to do!!
I did manage to finish the first Regia sock today and cast on for the second so it was a good day!
It was so humid today that anything that required moving was too much effort!!
Off for a midnight snack

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