Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plurking anyone??

Just what I need~I don't seem to have enough time for blogging and now I'm plurking!
Check this out!
I think this would be fun if you work in an office and are on a computer most of the day. What a great way to add some fun to your routine. I don't know how often I'll be on throughout the day because I'm rarely on here until the evenings. If you sign up from my link you'll automatically be added to my friends list~~so go ahead and check it out!
Today was a brutal weather day~~I woke really early to sunshine only to fall back asleep and wake to a terrible rumbling overhead and black skies! We got a downpour and then a few minutes later the sun was back along with horrible humidity! Nasty! Instead of cooling things off it was hotter!
I'm keeping an eye on the pond because I'm afraid it's going to overflow! Last year one of the fish flowed right over the side after a heavy storm! Unfortunately, we didn't realize what happened to it until it was too late. This year we added slate all around the edges so I'm thinking that will keep them from sliding over the edge!
KK and I had things to do this morning and on the way home both of us felt ill. We ate a quick lunch then napped! Well, I tried to nap~~Sophie decided she needed to nap with me so she was practically glued to my hip~~nice on a really hot day! Finally after trying to push her over a couple times I gave up and did some felting. At least I could play in the H2O!
When I tired of that I picked up my Regia sock ~~seems like this foot is taking forever! Why is it when you're in the home stretch the rows take forever to get around? I swear my next pair is going to be on the #2's I just picked up!
Surfing blogland last night I ran across an interesting post~~I'm really sorry I don't remember who's blog it was or I'd link it. Anyway, this blogger was writing about sock knitting and she mentioned she doesn't get SSS~~her reason??? She doesn't knit the second sock!! She does random colorways and when done she adds the sock to a basket~~when she wants to wear a pair she just pulls out two that look good together!! Now how is that for freedom??? I'd like to do that~~~don't think I can get over my matching thing tho~~
KK and I were at B&K last winter sitting near the fireplace reading when he noticed my socks and asked my if I had the right ones on! They were a pair of Opals from the same skein just started at different colors! geesh~~~
Enough rambling~~
Off to knit

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