Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Believe me I'm not complaining but it's been really ~~HOT!!! At the risk of incurring the rath of the rain Gods I'm going to say again "it's been HOT!" whew~~when you're not used to it it seems to drain all your energy and when you don't have much to start with you're really in big trouble!! It's been so nice that I'm actually dragging my butt out of bed in the morning fairly early~~don't even start rolling your eyes out there~~~8 a.m. IS the crack of dawn!!! When you're up half the night the morning comes way too soon!!
I had a wonderful day Saturday!! Spent the day with the "girls"! Had to be at DD's by 8:30 (yes, I do mean a.m.)to meet up with everyone. We were off~~first stop Tim Horton's for our much needed caffeine and calories!! Jumped on the Thruway and we headed to Seneca Falls,NY. This is where Susan B Anthony fought for women's rights and where the right to vote was written. We had a nice breakfast sitting at a outside table and it was delicious! Then we walked the Main Street to the museum~~ very interesting ~~part of the original walls are left from the meeting hall. Photos coming~~
After that we walked the other side of the street and there were steps leading down to the water. Very pretty and there just happened to be an ice cream shop!! Of course we had to get something to keep up our strength for the shopping to come! It had gotten quite warm while we were in the museum so the treat hit the spot!
We went through all the shops in town and then headed to the outlet mall. Now whatever possessed them to build this mall in the middle of nowhere is beyond me! There was nothing around it but back roads and fields and a porn shop!!! hmmm, wonder what they do there for entertainment??? Maybe we don't want to know!
Anyway, it wasn't a mall more of a strip mall but it was big,really big~~waaayy to much shopping for my tired feet! Had nice stores and everyone found things they liked even me! I wasn't much in the mood for clothes shopping~~not working puts a damper on that clothes obsession. Now it's yarn and there weren't any yarn/craft shops! Had fun tho~after everyone was satisfied they got all the bargains they could stand we needed to eat! Nothing there but a couple fast food places that no one was interested in. We had to drive almost an hour to the next town for some good food! It was worth the wait tho~we found this great bar/cafe with outdoor seating and it was a beautiful night. Stuffed ourselves so much no one felt like driving home~~but unfortunately we had too. Back to DD's then I still had to drive home from there. I got back just as KK was getting ready to "hit the rack"~~it was midnight!! Talk about a long day~~I can't believe that I made it!! Great fun!!
It's taking me the last few days to recuperate!
No knitting~~tired and hot!! I have been doing some planting and was able to get more plants today from Heather .Tomorrow I'll get pots done up with those. Then I think I'm done!
Secret Pal~~thank you for the e-card and your concern. I'm here and I'll try not to be a BS'er (blog slacker) anymore!!
It's late so~~
Off to bed!

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Your Secret Pal said...

Hey Mar!

I didn't think you were a slacker, just wanted to make sure you were doing okay. My mum has fibro too and I was hoping that it wasn't getting you down. Glad to hear that you've been enjoying the weather. It has been pretty hot here, too, and it's really beautiful here this morning!

Happy Wednesday!