Monday, June 13, 2005

I've had enough

Catchy title,huh??? It's this weather!!! We here in western NY can take the cold~~we're used to it, we're a tough bunch but this heat is a whole nother thing!
It's way tooo much!! It's been over the 100 mark and at that point I lost my sense of humor! It's hot, and to make it worse it's now muggy!! Temp. is not that high today(yet) but it's going up as I write this!
I chased the dogs out in the back yard this morning before leaving for a doctors app. thinking they will be cooler in the shade then in their crates. I get almost to the doctors and it starts raining~it lasted for about three minutes! So, maybe the dogs got a bit of a shower while they were out there if so it probably felt good!
Sophie is growing so fast! Vet visit last Friday and she's tipping the scales at 6.4 lbs! That's almost two pounds since her last visit. She's doing great! Her ears are all most totally upright! At the moment they go up and at the tip they curl back! That's actually a good sign ~~means they are just about ready to straighten.
KK and I took her out with us yesterday and we stopped for an ice cream~~she got her first baby dish of Vanilla. She wasn't too sure about it the first lick but after that she dove right in!
Let's see~~~what else has happened since I've been here??? hmmm, oh yes, after living in this house for 29 years with no a/c we finally broke down and bought a window ac for our bedroom!! Thank you Home Depot!! It's wonderful to be able to get some sleep again! The only problem with it so far is I can't get Ivy(greyhound) and Houston(shih tzu) to come out of our room! Did I mention they are a bit spoiled??
KK also finally made a decision on a grill. We've been looking since they first came out this season. I said "that's it,decide!" and we now have a new grill on the deck!
It was so nice to have DS over last week~~he put in the ac. which was a bit more of a job then they lead you to believe and he also put the grill together! That was so nice for KK not to have to do either one! He was very grateful~~he got out of work late and there was a nice cool room!
I haven't worked on the deck in days~~either too hot,running errands,or it's threatening rain. I just may try to do some now~~I'll at least give it some thought!
I picked up some more plants to do~~yeah, I know I said I was done but how can you resist? I really enjoy them~~inside and out. I got some really nice looking herbs I'm going to put out on the deck off the kitchen~~I should do that today. I think I need more pots tho~~
Finished my second sweater sleeve and did cast on the back last night. Later I'm going to sit in the bedroom and work on it. That's the only knitting I've done! Knit night at Lynn's Wed. and I hope I can make it~~that's motivation!
I received a goodie from my SP~~the other day! The cutest note cards with a sweater and a ball of yarn with knitting needles on the front! I've never seen these~~thank you so much!! I'll get a photo later!!
Have a great day everyone and stay cool!
Off to plant~~


Your Secret Pal said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you received the little goodies. I hope to follow up with something spectacular soon.

Happy Monday, Mar!

J. said...

I wonder if Tai would like ice cream?