Wednesday, June 29, 2005


That title just about covers it!! It's been a bit too warm to do much of anything!
I'm so grateful that we bought the a/c for our bedroom so we can at least get some sleep. I like the heat because I do feel better when it's warm but this is getting a bit ridiculous!! It's been in the 90's and very humid~~humid is not nice~~it's nasty!!
I guess I'm over being sorry for myself~~I think~~it doesn't help anything and only makes me depressed~~so enough!! It could be worse and who knows it may be a long time before this RA effects me so that it interferes with things I really like to do. Hey, if it takes me longer to do housework~~who cares??? It'll be there when I get to it and if I really need a hand KK will help I'm sure.
So for the past couple days I've spent some time sitting in my bedroom knitting on the orange sweater~~I'm on the front now with only the other side to do and then I'll have to see if I can figure out how to do all the edging. If I can't I'll beg Lynne to help me!
I've suddenly got the urge to do a bag! Not a felted one either!! That's very weird for me. I found a pattern for a drawstring bag that I really like and thought it would be cute for summer. Guess I'd better get to it if I want it this season! I saw some nice cotton yarns that would work well for it. I may have to stop in the LYS and pick some up!
I haven't heard from my SP5 in awhile~~hope all is well with you? I miss your emails!
Speaking of SP5 I need to get to the PO and get a package out.
I've been cleaning up my room, finally! You can actually get to the futon to sit without tripping on something! Getting some of my "stash" organized so I can see what I have. I'm going to get an old trunk from my friend Heather's dh to keep a lot of it in. That will make it so nice and easy to keep it cleaned up.
When I get everything finished I'll post a photo~~it may be awhile if this heat keeps up!
Sophie is doing so good it amazes me! I don't remember ever having a puppy that learns this fast. She hasn't had an accident in days and I no longer put papers down for her. I am curious as to how much she weighs because she is feeling heavy to me when I carry her now.
Nothing much else going on so~~
Off to take a cool bath

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Your Secret Pal said...

Hiya Mar

Sorry I've been off the radar lately. I promise, I'm still out here. I did some special shopping last week and have a little something to put in the mail to you. I haven't forgotten about you! I hope you're doing okay. Isn't this heat INSANE? More soon, my dear. Take care.