Saturday, June 18, 2005

How come sometimes doing the "right" thing can make you feel kinda bad at the same time?? As some of you know I have parrots~~four of them and they were becoming too much for me to take care of. I've been toying with the idea of selling one or two for a while. I casually mentioned it to a friend quite awhile ago and never gave it another thought. Well, she called me and said she had a person interested in one! My stomach did a flip flop thing and then I came to my senses and said "sure give her my number". We made arrangements for her to come over and "meet" Max the grey this afternoon. It was love at first sight~~at least on her part~~not so sure about Max. Five minutes in the bird room and I knew she wanted him! He did some talking while she was here which was a good sign and he came out of his cage and walked around on top. He didn't seem anxious with a stranger in his room so that was good. We did our business and then it was time to pack everything up~~what a job. How can such a little bundle of feathers have so much stuff??? Can you say "spoiled"? Finally got the cage out of the house which was no easy task and to her car. One look and we both knew there was absolutely no way that cage was going in that car!! What a pain!!
Since Max was already in the crate we decided rather than stress him out more she would take him and a table top parrot cage I keep for emergencies. She lives a couple hours away from me and now she has to come back Monday with a truck to pick up his "real" cage.
I was so busy after she left trying to get a surprise Lasagna dinner together for KK that I didn't have much time to think about anything!The weather is still very cool so I thought it would be a nice "Father's Day" dinner. It turned out really good suprisingly enough! I hate cooking with a passion but I do make a decent lasagna when the mood strikes~~which is about once a year! So we had lasagna,garlic toast,salad and later fresh strawberry shortcake!! Really good~~I mean really good!
I chased Kk outside with the dogs while I cleaned up the kitchen and then a much needed hot bath! I got to spend the earlier part of the day with my friend Heather at her market and played with the plants! After a day playing in the dirt and then taking that cage apart take my word for it~~the bath was a necessity!!
My whole point of this rambling was to say that I felt really bad when I went in the bird room and Max's spot was empty. The Macaws were just sitting there looking at me making me feel guilty! The Amazon was even quiet which is not normal~~probably thinking he better watch his step!!
Max's new "mom" just wrote to me saying he was talking,eating and flinging his water! He was fine! Figures!!
I am glad and I think they will really enjoy each other but he could have at least pretended he was a little upset~~after all I hand-fed him!!
Off for tea~~~

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Michelle said...

Awww, I'm sorry that you had to let your little guy go. But think how happy he will be, the center of attention with his new mommy.

*big hug to you*