Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ok so I'm

being a bit of a baby here~~my test results came back finally and I'm anything but pleased. For the past five years or so my Doc. was convinced that I have Lupus. He really felt that it would just be a matter of time before it finally manifested itself so it would show up through some blood work. After going in last week with a rash on my face after being in the sun he was convinced more than ever! So, off for blood work I went with the idea in my head that finally there was a more conclusive diagnosis then Fibro. Seems that Fibro covers a multitude of symptoms.
Today I go the results and it's not Lupus~~which is a good thing but instead I have RA otherwise known as Rheumatoid Arthritis which is not a good thing. This is what's causing all the pain throughout my body. When I told him about my hands really bothering me he suspected the outcome but he didn't say anything. When I asked which would have been better the RA or Lupus he said he was hoping for Lupus.
It doesn't do the damage to the joints that RA can do. So now the next step is seeing the specialist. Which may take weeks to get in~~
I don't have a good track record for taking medication and I think that is my main concern at this point. This has to be controlled~~I can no longer sluff it off~~
I will be taking medication~~like it or not!
So I can't decide my mood~~anxious,fidgety,crabby,depressed?? Maybe all four!
Yesterday there was no stopping me~~I was on a roll~~cleaned,did laundry,gardened,read and knitted~~all in one day! Today~~nothing~
I asked the Doc. about the knitting and on a good note he said that's great! Anything that keeps my hands working is good!! As long as I'm comfortable! Does that mean I should get more yarn????? hmmmm, works for me~~~~
OK,sorry for the crappy post tomorrow's will be happier!!
Off to sit outside awhile~~~


Anonymous said...

Mar, This took me a few minutes before I figured out where to post a comment .. I see your at the sweater sleeves ..it wont take long and you will be caught back up.. Maria

Anonymous said...

didnt want it to bae annonyomus

Moze said...

Have the diagnosis double checked by another doctor or two. I took medicine for RA for 7 years until the doctor admitted that, despite the blood tests, I probably didn't have it at all--just some weird Fibro thing going on. (If I'd had RA as bad as the bloodwork indicated, I'd have been incapacitated by now.)

wendy said...

*hugs* i think there's always something good about knowing exactly what you're fighting. it's not some vague force without a name, it's now something solid, that you can point at and say "that's what i have, here's what i'm going to do about it". i know it sounds corny, but try and stay positive. i think a postitive mental outlook on something physical can help your body deal with it quicker. and yes, buy yourself some "i have RA and i can deal with it" yarn!

Lynne said...

Sorry, Mar...what a tough time. Come knit with us again and we'll make it all better...