Friday, October 21, 2005

About time,huh???

Ok, so I'm a blogger slug~~I admit it!! No excuses,just didn't feel like writing anything!
What's been going on you ask~~hmmm, not much actually. I have been knitting some. Finished the socks for Heather and started the xmas ones for DD.
I also started my Opals 2 socks on one circular. Now, that was interesting! I finally got it figured out and I'm moving along when late one night I'm looking at said sock and I'm thinking one looks much tighter than the other. Not good, but do I stop and check it out??? Of course not ~~I just keep knitting along~~now I've got about 4 inches into it and decide I'd better look into this a bit more. Good place to start is how many stitches do I have????? When I use Opal for myself I cast on 72 sts. on ones~~first sock 72 stitches just like it should have~~~second sock??? 62!!!!! $#@% wtf????? How did I do that???? How annoying!!! So now I'm happily knitting one sock on one veeeeeeeeerrryyyyyyyy long circular!!! Crap!!
I see a case of SSS developing!!!
I also got this bright idea of doing a couple potato chip scarves for xmas. Ok, nice fast no brainer project~~not so! I got this really nice mohair,silk,merino blend denim-y blue. Perfect for the younger generation to wear with jeans~~not gonna happen any time soon!! It was awful--instead of nice loose curls I had tight kinks!! Nasty!! So now that yarn is going to become a Old Shale scarf~~maybe!
Our horseback ride was wonderful!!! Other than it was cold the day was great!! We rode along the road to the woods and then we were on some 400 acres of state lands. They had somewhat cleared paths but they were pretty natural still. It was awesome!!
I would really like to go again before the snow flies~~but that may not happen as we are predicted to have wet snow the beginning of next week~~ eeewwwwwww!!!
Went to the doc. for my second app. and the good news is at this point he doesn't feel that I have RA!!! woohoo!!!! What a load off my mind. Something is still wonky with my blood work and I definitely have a major dose of Fibro going on but hey, it's not RA!!!! So I'm taking my drugs and I've only had one headache that amounted to much so that's good. I don't feel a huge difference in my joints but there is some improvement.
Yesterday I got a exercise bike and had to do some rearranging to fit it in the family room. DS helped with that so now I'm all set. I have it facing the TV so I don't get bored! There is a tray type thing so I can set a magazine on there while working out!! Now let's see how much I use it!
Haven't heard anything from my SP6~~wonder if everything is OK?
Enough for now,
Off to make dinner~~

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amylovie said...

That SSS is a killer. I've been there many times.