Monday, October 24, 2005

Back again!

Twice in one day! Posted some photos so I thought I'd tell you something about them.
The pinkish stripe sweater I knitted for my son when he was an infant~~he wore it when he was just starting to walk~~23 years ago!! What was I thinking tho~~pink????
The couple photos with me in them are from last week on KK's day off~~we took our annual fall foliage ride and wound up in Pa. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the bear sign!
There's my first felted bag after I refelted it and added the new straps and pin.
Of course Sophie has to be there too!! Hopefully the gates will come down soon!
Then there's the scarves~~I took that picture a few hours ago and since then I frogged the tannish tweed seed stitch one~~I can't figure out what pattern that yarn wants to be! So far nothing seems right~~if I remember right that was the fourth try~maybe I should just put it away!
Then you saw the disaster my room is again?? I swear I don't know how it gets out of hand so quickly!! What a mess and I didn't even show you the counter!!
Kinda like how my blog is getting~~random stuff all over!! lol~~someday I'll straighten it up ~~but not tonight!!
Off for tea and knitting~~

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amylovie said...

I plan to keep all of the stuff I knit the girls too.

How about a basketweave pattern for the tweed scarf?