Friday, October 28, 2005

Surprise Mittens???

See that title???? That's supposed to be a pattern for Opal mittens (from the boxed knitting calendar 10/15)~~just what I wanted. The pattern says one skein of Opal and one skein of kid mohair lace weight. Ok~~went to knit Nite tonight and there it was~~black kid mohair lace weight~~perfect for the Opal I wanted to use for the mittens. I was in mitten heaven!! Couldn't wait to get home and get them on the needles!!! The ride home took forever and then KK had just gotten home too so I figured I'd better at least say "hello" before taking up the needles! So finally I'm all set~~cast on using the two strands~~these are going to be so nice~~and warm!!
What more could you ask for ~~a great color of Opal and the warmth from the mohair??
Right???? Wrong!!!! I cast those babies on and I'm thinking these look really BLACK!!! Where the heck did the Opal go??? OK, so maybe I just need to do a few rows??? Nope, still black~~now if any of you have that calendar take a look at the photo of the Opal mittens~~ they look like Opal you do not see any other color! Matter of fact it looks like the dam things are identical to boot! Yeah, I know they just had one and flip-flopped the picture! I mean really, they are perfect~
Not to mention that I spent the $$ on the black kid mohair that I now have no use for and I could have put it towards yarn for the shawl that's been nagging at me! Crap!!
Good news tho~~I finished the hat,did I mention I was doing a hat??? Maybe not~~I decided that the Making Waves needed to be a hat and a scarf. Now I'll use all the rest for the scarf and it will be plenty long enough.
I'm tired and annoyed so ~
Off to bed~~

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amylovie said...

How aggrevating. I suppose you could use just the Opal without the mohair, but you would loose some of the warmth.