Monday, October 24, 2005

Knitting Frenzy!!

Taking a break from the needles for a bit. I've decided to "whip" up some scarves for Xmas~~what the hell was I thinking??? As of right now I have 3 scarves, two pair of socks, OTN!!! I never do that!! It is kind of nice to be able to jump from one yarn to another but I wonder if I'll ever get them done?
Had a really nice relaxing past few days. Met up with DD Friday afternoon for coffee at Starbucks then we hit Joanns with coupons in hand! A 40% and a 50% for that day and left a 50% coupon with DD for Sat. Picked out some yarns for quick scarves ~~and I totally admit that I've turned completely into a yarn snob,OH NO!!!!!
I had to let DD pick out the yarns because I just could not decide between any of them!! How annoying!! We finally settled on a tweed,and a funky black something or other!! I think they will both make nice scarves. Now the problem I'm having is a pattern!! So far I have stated the tweed three times in different stitches!! I don't want anything to complicated but not just plain stk. either. Right now I've got it going in seed st. which I like but is going to take forever!!
As I'm sitting here I'm refelting a bag for Heather .The first bags we felted didn't turn out very well so we hid them away for almost three years!! A month or so ago I dragged mine out and thought "what the heck" refelt it!! It was nasty~~the flap was out of whack and the I-cords weren't right. I cut the handles right off took about two inches off the flap and threw it in the washer~~~I love it now!! Made new I-cords for it now that I actually know what I'm doing~~put grommets on and it looks great!! Went to a craft show and found a nifty looking pin and that was just what it needed!! So I told Heather she needs to redo hers~~after a few weeks of hunting for it she finally found it and I'm working on it. Hopefully it will turn out too!
Yesterday was a lousy day weather wise so KK and I did a few errands then went out for lunch and then stopped at Barnes&Noble ~~I was so happy the fireplace was going so I got some books and propped my feet up and enjoyed a cup of coffee and read!
Got to look through some new knitting books that are out~~a couple I didn't care for at all~~nothing in them I would be interested in. I looked through the Knitted Babes book ~~so cute ~~I think I need to do one!! I'll just add that to my growing list!
I've got some photos to post too but they'll hap to wait until later.
Off to check the washer~~~

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amylovie said...

You sound like me with the Christmas gifts. It's starting to get out of hand!