Monday, December 12, 2005


"There are different types of dementia, mine is called stash dementia! So
yes, that urge to buy yarn that you really don't need cause you haven't
finished all your other hundreds of projects, or buying yarn only to find
out that you already have 50 of the same at home, or throwing your husbands
stereo system and TV out of the entertainment unit to store more yarn and
unfinished projects out of desperation to find more storage is definitely
called stash dementia."

One of the gals on a knit list I'm on summed it up perfectly~~and I do believe many of us suffer from it but don't admit it~~after all who wants the treatment??
Remember what I've said in the previous post??? Use that stash for decorative purposes!! Enjoy it!!! It certainly costs enough so why hide it away in a drawer/closet??? If you have too much to show all at once rotate it!! That way when you acquire more you can say to dh "why no dear, I've just been rearranging again"!!
What a plan,huh???
Off to rearrange~~~


kat said...

i finally went & bought an ikea shelving unit with woven boxes to display the yarn....

Chris said...

My house is too small to display my stash. Maybe I'll get creative tonight...