Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ho Hum

10 days to go!!!! I can't believe it but all of a sudden I realized
tonight that my gifts are just about finished!! Today I whipped up a felted vase from Noro and Lamb's Pride and it's drying already!! Tried to get a photo but the batteries were dead so I've got them charging now. Waiting on some yarn to do a couple pair of slipper moc's and finish up KK's socks and I'm caught up!! I must be forgetting something?? Can I really be this caught up already??? I think tomorrow I'll have to really check into it better but for now I'm going to enjoy the moment!!
I have to tell ya yesterday was really strange~~in a good way but strange non the less. It started first thing in the morning~~KK and I both woke up feeling pretty good~~that's weird right off!! I had to go to a store that's about an hour away from us to pick up something I had paid for locally. Once there the woman bent over backwards trying to find more of these candle holders I wanted. She actually found some in Rochester and since she goes from store to store she's picking them up for me and bringing them to the local store for me to get.Happy me!! Then we went to the mall that's right there and the holiday decorations were so nice.People were in such a good mood~~friendly,relaxed no one seemed stressed out. Ok, now that was really weird!! Then we went to Olive Garden for the lunch special and our waitress was wonderful! We got into a discussion about the grated cheese they use and how good it is on soup~~not my opinion hers and KK's. She leaves and a few minutes later she's back with a small serving of soup with the cheese on it for me to sample!
I had to admit it was pretty good!
After lunch we stopped at A.C.Moore ~~it seemed larger than the one that's closer to me. I was so happy to find they still carried the Rosewood needles!! I kept meaning to pick up a pair with the Joann coupon and never got around to it and then when I finally decided to get them the local store didn't have them anymore! I just happened to have a 40%er in my purse~~it was fate~~right?? Merry Christmas to me!!
We managed to pick up a couple gifts we were looking for so now the list is getting shorter. Not much more to do!!!
Finished the day by bringing home a dozen doughnuts!! What more could you ask for??
It was really cold yesterday but at least it wasn't snowing/sleeting not so today. I was watching the weather all afternoon because it was knit nite and I planned on going. Storm warnings were coming up on the TV all day. Late in the afternoon the rain started and on the 5 o'clock news they showed all the icy roads so I thought it was for the best I stayed home~~dam! At least I made good use of my time getting that vase done and another pair of moc's!!
Off for a bath and tea~~


amylovie said...

What a productive & wonderful day.


Chris said...

where are you? did your computer finally die?