Sunday, December 04, 2005


In a word---NO Nothing really new to write about. Do you notice that sometimes days just kind of blend into another and before you know it another week has gone by?? Other than waiting for something else to break down I haven't been doing much.
Did get to knit nite last Thursday which was nice. At least for awhile it was nice~~it got sooo cold in there my hands were too cold to knit more!! They had turned the heat down too early and being it was freezing outside it cooled down rather quickly! Everyone wound up leaving early. It was nice to see Lisa again and she brought a new knitter! A young lady that just recently moved into the area from Canada and happened to run across Lisa's blog! That's how I found the group~~I happened across Lynn's blog and as they say "the rest is history"!!
I've been making slow progress the last few days on Xmas gifts. Not exactly sure where my ambition went but I wish it would get the hell back here! Course ripping out a few inches on the latest project does tend to make me lose the mood! I'm back at it today tho so all is well!
Chris was there with her fingerless mitts~~ they're looking good even tho they should have been socks~~~for ME!!! Kidding, Chris.
Next week the lys is having a sale and Sat. is the open house. I'm sure I'll get there one of the days! Not that I "need" anything but there is knitting after Xmas!!
Jen shared a old mitten pattern with us that I'd like to give a try.
Got the tree up and decorated~~stayed with the same ornaments. After getting the boxes out I didn't have the heart not to use them! I'm glad that I did because when Kk got home from work he said he really likes the tree this way and he even helped finish it up!
I think I'm getting something and it's not good~~can you get half a cold??? One half of my head feels just awful and my nose keeps running~~had to share. It's really annoying!
I bid on some rug yarn on ebay but got outbidded the last minute. Darn~~I wanted it for some more of those slippers. It was a really nice pink color. I can't believe that I can't find it to buy. I want to do these for Xmas and waiting on auctions to end I'm thinking I won't have time to knit them up. At knit nite they said other yarn could be used but I'm thinking the rug yarn is sturdier for slippers and it's machine wash/dry. That's definite plus for DD!!
I've got new med's to try~~again. So far I'm not feeling a big improvement. At least they don't make me nauseous!!
Off to soak in a hot bath~~

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