Sunday, December 11, 2005

Put the Fun Back

into knitting!! That's my new motto!!! I've been thinking the last couple weeks that I'm really not enjoying knitting lately. It's almost like a job~~and that's not good!
Went to the lys's Christmas gathering and Jen the owner summed it up perfectly~~knitting has become almost a competition. It's no longer enjoy the process and if it takes weeks to finish something ~~"who cares?" NO-ONE!!!! It seems that now the idea is hurry up and knit this so you can go on to the next project.
Well, sometime you must have really liked what you're working on that's why you started it in the first place so why not enjoy the knit?? So your stash is huge ~~enjoy looking at it!! Put some in baskets and set it around. Put your straight needles in a felted vase and the circulars in a antique sewing baskets~~looks great!
And that is my new outlook on knitting~~ I'm no longer going to worry about getting things done for Xmas~~if I want to make something for someone as a gift any time is good for giving! It's more of a surprise when unexpected!
So I may be buying a few more things that I planned on for presents but I'm going to be a lot happier and hey, it's the thought that counts,right?
So, on that note I'm going to go sit with KK and watch a movie minus needles in my hands for once!!
Another thing~~I will not do the secret pal thing again either~~I don't know how some luck out with great pals and others don't but you can guess where I wound up~~again!! So that's that!!
Off to watch Mr&Mrs Smith~~~


amylovie said...

Amen sister!

Betty said...

I have found a kindred knitting spirit! Must slow down and enjoy or it's not worth doing.

Chris said...

I agree completely! I just cast on for slippers for my step son last night. And when i get back to everything that is already on the needles, I'll blow off the dust and pick off the cat hair and knit on!