Friday, December 23, 2005

Catching up~~

Haven't been here in awhile again~~didn't realize how long I've been away!! Trying to catch up on the Xmas gifts.
Did a rag rug for a gift that I thought I'd never get finished!! 12yds. of fabric cut into one inch strips then balled up and then crocheted!! Glad that's over~~
Turned out ok~~wish it were a tad larger but it will have to do! Scarf and hat is done for DD and a couple more pair of slipper moc's done.
I did manage to do 4 pair of sock earrings and didn't get a photo!! I found them to be a bit annoying to do. The needles are so small and pointy~~which they need to be to work with the sock yarn but they are sharp!! Can you say "puncture?" My finger was sore for days!!
KK's socks aren't finished and they aren't going to be for Xmas. I gave up trying to finish them on time. I stayed up two nights past midnight working on them only to have to frog the next day. Enough of that!! They will be my after Xmas project!
Shopping is pretty much done~~a couple small things to do tomorrow. KK is off all day so we are going to go out early and finish up.
I probably won't be on again before Xmas so ~~hope you all have a safe and Happy Holiday!!
Off to sleep~~

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Lynne said...

Where oh where has my little Mar gone? Check in with us, so we know you are okay!
Link on my blog to an Upstate New York to you soon!