Friday, December 23, 2005

Catching up~~

Haven't been here in awhile again~~didn't realize how long I've been away!! Trying to catch up on the Xmas gifts.
Did a rag rug for a gift that I thought I'd never get finished!! 12yds. of fabric cut into one inch strips then balled up and then crocheted!! Glad that's over~~
Turned out ok~~wish it were a tad larger but it will have to do! Scarf and hat is done for DD and a couple more pair of slipper moc's done.
I did manage to do 4 pair of sock earrings and didn't get a photo!! I found them to be a bit annoying to do. The needles are so small and pointy~~which they need to be to work with the sock yarn but they are sharp!! Can you say "puncture?" My finger was sore for days!!
KK's socks aren't finished and they aren't going to be for Xmas. I gave up trying to finish them on time. I stayed up two nights past midnight working on them only to have to frog the next day. Enough of that!! They will be my after Xmas project!
Shopping is pretty much done~~a couple small things to do tomorrow. KK is off all day so we are going to go out early and finish up.
I probably won't be on again before Xmas so ~~hope you all have a safe and Happy Holiday!!
Off to sleep~~

Mz Sophie!

All done!

Showers are great!!

Rio getting a misting!

Another gift done!

They're multiplying!!

Off the needles err, hook!

It's a Knit Shop!!

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ho Hum

10 days to go!!!! I can't believe it but all of a sudden I realized
tonight that my gifts are just about finished!! Today I whipped up a felted vase from Noro and Lamb's Pride and it's drying already!! Tried to get a photo but the batteries were dead so I've got them charging now. Waiting on some yarn to do a couple pair of slipper moc's and finish up KK's socks and I'm caught up!! I must be forgetting something?? Can I really be this caught up already??? I think tomorrow I'll have to really check into it better but for now I'm going to enjoy the moment!!
I have to tell ya yesterday was really strange~~in a good way but strange non the less. It started first thing in the morning~~KK and I both woke up feeling pretty good~~that's weird right off!! I had to go to a store that's about an hour away from us to pick up something I had paid for locally. Once there the woman bent over backwards trying to find more of these candle holders I wanted. She actually found some in Rochester and since she goes from store to store she's picking them up for me and bringing them to the local store for me to get.Happy me!! Then we went to the mall that's right there and the holiday decorations were so nice.People were in such a good mood~~friendly,relaxed no one seemed stressed out. Ok, now that was really weird!! Then we went to Olive Garden for the lunch special and our waitress was wonderful! We got into a discussion about the grated cheese they use and how good it is on soup~~not my opinion hers and KK's. She leaves and a few minutes later she's back with a small serving of soup with the cheese on it for me to sample!
I had to admit it was pretty good!
After lunch we stopped at A.C.Moore ~~it seemed larger than the one that's closer to me. I was so happy to find they still carried the Rosewood needles!! I kept meaning to pick up a pair with the Joann coupon and never got around to it and then when I finally decided to get them the local store didn't have them anymore! I just happened to have a 40%er in my purse~~it was fate~~right?? Merry Christmas to me!!
We managed to pick up a couple gifts we were looking for so now the list is getting shorter. Not much more to do!!!
Finished the day by bringing home a dozen doughnuts!! What more could you ask for??
It was really cold yesterday but at least it wasn't snowing/sleeting not so today. I was watching the weather all afternoon because it was knit nite and I planned on going. Storm warnings were coming up on the TV all day. Late in the afternoon the rain started and on the 5 o'clock news they showed all the icy roads so I thought it was for the best I stayed home~~dam! At least I made good use of my time getting that vase done and another pair of moc's!!
Off for a bath and tea~~

Monday, December 12, 2005


"There are different types of dementia, mine is called stash dementia! So
yes, that urge to buy yarn that you really don't need cause you haven't
finished all your other hundreds of projects, or buying yarn only to find
out that you already have 50 of the same at home, or throwing your husbands
stereo system and TV out of the entertainment unit to store more yarn and
unfinished projects out of desperation to find more storage is definitely
called stash dementia."

One of the gals on a knit list I'm on summed it up perfectly~~and I do believe many of us suffer from it but don't admit it~~after all who wants the treatment??
Remember what I've said in the previous post??? Use that stash for decorative purposes!! Enjoy it!!! It certainly costs enough so why hide it away in a drawer/closet??? If you have too much to show all at once rotate it!! That way when you acquire more you can say to dh "why no dear, I've just been rearranging again"!!
What a plan,huh???
Off to rearrange~~~

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Put the Fun Back

into knitting!! That's my new motto!!! I've been thinking the last couple weeks that I'm really not enjoying knitting lately. It's almost like a job~~and that's not good!
Went to the lys's Christmas gathering and Jen the owner summed it up perfectly~~knitting has become almost a competition. It's no longer enjoy the process and if it takes weeks to finish something ~~"who cares?" NO-ONE!!!! It seems that now the idea is hurry up and knit this so you can go on to the next project.
Well, sometime you must have really liked what you're working on that's why you started it in the first place so why not enjoy the knit?? So your stash is huge ~~enjoy looking at it!! Put some in baskets and set it around. Put your straight needles in a felted vase and the circulars in a antique sewing baskets~~looks great!
And that is my new outlook on knitting~~ I'm no longer going to worry about getting things done for Xmas~~if I want to make something for someone as a gift any time is good for giving! It's more of a surprise when unexpected!
So I may be buying a few more things that I planned on for presents but I'm going to be a lot happier and hey, it's the thought that counts,right?
So, on that note I'm going to go sit with KK and watch a movie minus needles in my hands for once!!
Another thing~~I will not do the secret pal thing again either~~I don't know how some luck out with great pals and others don't but you can guess where I wound up~~again!! So that's that!!
Off to watch Mr&Mrs Smith~~~

Sunday, December 04, 2005


In a word---NO Nothing really new to write about. Do you notice that sometimes days just kind of blend into another and before you know it another week has gone by?? Other than waiting for something else to break down I haven't been doing much.
Did get to knit nite last Thursday which was nice. At least for awhile it was nice~~it got sooo cold in there my hands were too cold to knit more!! They had turned the heat down too early and being it was freezing outside it cooled down rather quickly! Everyone wound up leaving early. It was nice to see Lisa again and she brought a new knitter! A young lady that just recently moved into the area from Canada and happened to run across Lisa's blog! That's how I found the group~~I happened across Lynn's blog and as they say "the rest is history"!!
I've been making slow progress the last few days on Xmas gifts. Not exactly sure where my ambition went but I wish it would get the hell back here! Course ripping out a few inches on the latest project does tend to make me lose the mood! I'm back at it today tho so all is well!
Chris was there with her fingerless mitts~~ they're looking good even tho they should have been socks~~~for ME!!! Kidding, Chris.
Next week the lys is having a sale and Sat. is the open house. I'm sure I'll get there one of the days! Not that I "need" anything but there is knitting after Xmas!!
Jen shared a old mitten pattern with us that I'd like to give a try.
Got the tree up and decorated~~stayed with the same ornaments. After getting the boxes out I didn't have the heart not to use them! I'm glad that I did because when Kk got home from work he said he really likes the tree this way and he even helped finish it up!
I think I'm getting something and it's not good~~can you get half a cold??? One half of my head feels just awful and my nose keeps running~~had to share. It's really annoying!
I bid on some rug yarn on ebay but got outbidded the last minute. Darn~~I wanted it for some more of those slippers. It was a really nice pink color. I can't believe that I can't find it to buy. I want to do these for Xmas and waiting on auctions to end I'm thinking I won't have time to knit them up. At knit nite they said other yarn could be used but I'm thinking the rug yarn is sturdier for slippers and it's machine wash/dry. That's definite plus for DD!!
I've got new med's to try~~again. So far I'm not feeling a big improvement. At least they don't make me nauseous!!
Off to soak in a hot bath~~

Friday, December 02, 2005

It's cold out there!!

cuddle moc's~~slipper's from 50's pattern!!