Wednesday, January 25, 2006


That title was appropriate...............right over here there was supposed to be a photo of my first finished slouch sock out of Opal chameleon. It was a good idea until I went to take the picture and the batteries are dead......again. Why is that??? I charge all four of them every time I plug the charger in~~when I go to use the second set they are dead~~~no life at all!!! Do they just lose the charge sitting there waiting to be used??? WTF????
So that means you will just have to take my word that one is done and it is really awesome!! My first attempt at a pattern and it's down the foot, did a different color on the heel and toe! What a moment!! Course now I'm doing an Opal plain stk. from an old colorway.....Bumble Bee. I'll go back to the slouch after the first one of these.
I also dug out the Noro Silk Blossom that I had started before the holidays! So, now that's three pair in the works not to mention KK's xmas pair that have not been touched!!
I have worked on a couple afghan squares~~I'm pleased with the way they are turning out. DD gave me a calendar last year that has a different stitch every day so I'm going to use that for some of the square designs. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll make it to Knit Nite and pick up a couple more skeins for it.
I can not believe that January is almost over! Usually this month seems endless to me but not this year! Maybe the good/better weather helped. This has been the warmest January in 74 years!!! Works for me!!
Poor Sophie is not looking too good. Seems Boston's get weird skin problems....rashes,hair loss, allergies. Great~~always something! Now she is on antibiotics a peroxide shampoo and Benadryl!! Interesting stop at Walmart trying to decide which flavor Benadryl to get her~~~lol
The best part was trying to convince her to eat the food coated with it!
Nothing else going on~~going to try to download a Podcast onto my iPod. Can't believe that I've had it over a week and haven't tried it yet!!
Off to knit Bumble Bee's

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Chris said...

So what kind of benedryl do Boston's like?
Have fun at knit knight, I wish I could go - I hate doing these parties.