Saturday, January 14, 2006


I'm trying to post~~really!! Haven't been here in ages and when I try to post tonight I keep crashing! I get a couple things written and then "poof" gone!!
This is the last time for tonight !!
So, what have I been up to? Had a great day yesterday~~the sun was out and it was warm~~it felt like a spring day! Perfect weather for an outing! Heather and I took advantage of it and went on a stash enrichment trip! Stopped for lunch and then on to Spirit Works in Rochester. We were both looking for the perfect yarn for the afghans we want to do. Didn't find what we wanted ~~not that either of us really knew what we wanted but we didn't find it there. Koigu kept calling out to me and I just could not ignore it!! I tried~~sort of.......
Then we found this worsted weight hand spun for socks so we're both going to have a pair. I'm knitting them but won't worry about having them for this season. I'm going to do them magic loop so I have to order some large size 40" circulars.
We stopped at a little gift shop we like and I found another punch needle pattern...this one is for the living room. I like doing these when I want a knitting break.
Then on to Knit Nite!! Yeah, haven't been there since before the holidays! It was fun~~and we both found "the perfect yarn" for our afghans!! I wanted a homespun natural look and Green Mountain Spinnery has just what I want! I brought a couple skeins home so I can start it and Jen is holding the rest for me. So hopefully I can do a few squares in the two weeks between knit nites.
OTN right now are three pairs of socks!!! What was I thinking?? KK's xmas socks are still right where I left them weeks ago! I can not make myself work on them! I had to start the Opal that Heather gave me for xmas~~that yarn would not leave me alone! I've got one done a bit past the heel. This is my first attempt at doing the heels and toes a different color. I'm even doing a pattern~~and down the foot!! I don't know what's come over me!
I've been trying to get my room cleaned up but every time I start straightening up I get side tracked~~big mistake looking through the sock yarn~~the Opal Bumble Bee just looked so appealing sitting there all cute that I had to cast on!
I tried to add those pictures in this post but every time I get the photo in here I crash! What's with that?? Instead of fighting with it anymore I did it the old way~~
See the picture of my new "toy"?? No, not the swift the iPod!!! I may not know how to use it yet but it's mine~~all mine!! I plan on finding it a nice little hiding place so DS can't get his hands on it!! It's all charged up and waiting for a Pod Cast!!
Now you can look at the swift!! DD surprised me with it for Xmas!! I was thrilled but I did drop a major hint that Mother's Day is coming and a ball winder goes so nicely with a swift!! I haven't used it yet but it sure looks nice!
While working in my room I had a brainstorm for more storage space~~those cloth shoe holders that hang on a door would be great for yarn!! I picked one up today for under $10 and it works!! There's 24 pouches and 2 to 3 skeins of Lamb's Pride fit in one....outta sight!!! KK has been looking in there way too much!!
Added a couple new sock books to my knitting library~~now if I only could find a place for them!
Well, if I'm going to get those pictures posted I'd better stop rambling~
See Chris...told ya I'd post!!
Off to add photos~~~

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It sounds like the perfect day.