Monday, January 30, 2006

Starting out the ~~~~

week right!!! Monday morning and the bed linens are changed, laundry is started and dishwasher is running! And I'm here!!! Not that there's much to post about!
Finally have the slouch photo .....see??? Of course my helper had to
get in there,too!! OK, so the sock does look a bit wonky but it doesn't on~~fits perfectly! I'm sure you noticed there is only one??? That picture was taken a couple days ago......and there's still only one!!
I have a good excuse tho~~~Sophie needed a sweater~~Saturday went out with DD for a while and we stopped at the store and she picked out some yarn for said sweater. I'll save that picture for later....let's just say that the yarn she picked is a tad....bright!!
After hours of working on it yesterday afternoon and until late last night I'm not too far! I could not understand the pattern. After two false starts I think I'm on the right track....I'll know more later.
Saturday was a beautiful day! Sunny and sorta warm~~not really warm but certainly pleasant! It was so nice I was even talked into taking a walk in the park!
The weather yesterday was a whole 'nother story!! Dreary, rainy the whole day! The back yard is like a sponge. It was the perfect day to curl up on the couch and knit tho~~Course it would have been nicer if I would have had something to show for my efforts!
I'm trying really hard to ignore the Knitting Olympics that Yarn Harlot started but it seems every blog I go to~~~it's there!!!! I really don't need to start another project~~right??? Even tho I have that awesome Koigu sock yarn that would look really awesome in Jaywalkers doesn't mean that I should sign up, right???? Right???? Come on, stay with me here~~ I already have
4 projects otn!!! Do I need another????? You're right, I should think about it~~there's still a few days to finish something up......
That doggie sweater is calling to me so
Off to knit


amylovie said...

Your socks look great. I'm trying to ignore the Olympics too. I just don't have the time!!


Chris said...

If I recall correctly you said you wouldn't do any more kal. That you were going to enjoy knitting again.
You can put as many projects on the needles as you want but you can not join the olympics!

Lynne said...

That is one cool sock, Ms Knit ALong... So what are you doing for the Olympics, hmmmmmm????