Monday, May 30, 2005

Party's Over!!

Thank goodness the party's over!! What a day we had!! Now we have been preparing for this darn party for over a week~~that's why I haven't been here. I've been staining the decks,weeding,mulching,planting planters,cleaning~~things I would have done anyway but not in such a small time span! Got it all done Saturday night after helping my friend at her market part of the day. It rained and was cold and windy~~cleared up right after I left!!
Rushed home after stopping at DD's to take care of her dogs to do my planters~~got them done right before it got dark. Kk and I went out to grab a bite to eat I could have fallen asleep waiting for my food!
Sunday morning I was afraid to look outside to see what the weather was~~but to my surprise the sun was shining and there was no wind!! I was thrilled~~we lucked out!!! Rain was predicted! Kk and I rushed around and got things ready ~~put out all the lawn chair cushions and I hung up some decorations I had. One o'clock was the magic time~~sun's till shining things are looking good~~1:15 rolls around I hear a car pull up and look out~~~first guest is here and there is a mammoth black cloud overhead!!! I can not believe what I'm seeing!!! As they are coming up the driveway it starts sprinkling!! It stops~~more people come and the wind picks up and it's a cold wind and the rain comes!! We're running around getting the chair cushions picked up~~in case it stops they'll be dry. In we all went~~I was so annoyed that I couldn't enjoy myself. I was so tired and then to have it rain was just too much!!
At least the food was plentiful and good~~everyone was joking about the weather but it was still very annoying! The rain stopped and we did get back out but it sure got chilly! That was a good excuse to get a fire going in the Chiminena (that spelling is waaay off~lol) everyone liked that! So despite the weather we ate and drank way too much!! Everyone left around 9:30 and by 10 I had my bath a cup of tea and was headed for bed! Talk about tired~~some party animal! I've decided it's more fun to go to a party at someone else's house!!
Get up this morning and the sun's shining away!! We cleaned up all morning and then Kk and I went out ~~did not feel like doing a darn thing in the house!
Stopped at DD's because she wanted us to see some gardening she got finished. She was so proud of herself! Nice when you see your kids happy and content!
Kk and I brought donuts and pop so we sat out side and they took a much needed break. As we're munching away along comes a huge black cloud and it starts sprinkling!! Maybe it's us???
We left and let them get back to work and we stopped at Barnes and Noble. That's always relaxing. Had my favorite cafe mocha with a shot of raspberry syrup and looked through some gardening books. I'd like to do up some more pots on my back deck. It gets a lot of sun and it's right off my kitchen so I go out there a lot. The decks are getting a bit old and worn looking even after staining them~~the plants make it look so much nicer. I keep a small table and two chairs out there where I like to have coffee and read. There's no roof so it's only for nice days~~and if it's real sunny sometimes it gets too hot to read or knit~~then I move to the yard. One good thing about sitting on the deck tho is there isn't usually any bugs to bother you!
No knitting today or tonight~~not in the mood and I'm tired so I'm going to read some emails and then get to bed early for a change!
Off for tea~~

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