Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Fourth!!

We had the most wonderful 4th!!! The plan was to have everyone over for a cook out~~this time we were positive we would have great weather! It's been hot and sunny for the past few days so the cook out was a go~~
Saturday night as I'm making the potato salad(which I hate to make)) DD calls~~not a good sign. She starts out with "would you mind?" and I know somethings up! She says since it's going to be soooo hot tomorrow(4th) would you mind if all of us didn't come over??? but instead we go out on the boat???? Would I mind????? Does a bear
*&%t in the woods???? Silly girl!!! Actually it was a good question if you knew me well~~I don't do water~~or boats~~pools~~it's all the splashing,rolling,waves,water thing~~ewwww~~. I mean I really,really am terrified of H20 unless it's in a glass and I don't even drink it if I can help it!!
Anyway I digress~~I decided it was a good day to give it a try~~so I said "sure".There was dead silence on the other end of the phone~~I think DD was cleaning out her ears ~~she wasn't sure she heard right!!
Anyway we all met up Sunday and off we went~~I can't say that I was entirely relaxed but I have to admit it was awesome!! We went out on the Niagara River!! Now you that aren't familiar with out area ~~this leads right to Niagara Falls!! Yes, I do mean the Niagara Falls~~one of the biggest tourist attractions in the US. Bear that in mind when I say that I actually went in the water!!!! Course they slapped a life jacket on me that would hold up a 300lb person!! Hey, works for me!! Took me awhile to actually let go of the ladder to the boat~~very odd feeling knowing that you're in 20 or more feet of water with your feet dangling under you ~~haven't quite made up my mind if I would/could do it again! At least I did it!! Ok, I admit to panicking once~~the floaty thing they all swore would hold me up~~didn't~~never mind that I had my life jacket on I still panicked until I remembered the jacket~~oh,duh!!
Later we came back in and went to DD's and cooked out and then headed back to the boat for fireworks! It was fantastic to be out on the water at night and watch the display!! They set them off right in front of us~~it was the best I have ever seen~~and heard! The sound was echoing off the water~~it was deafening!! So kewl!!!
Just as we were dropping off DS at his apartment around midnight the storm hit! What a downpour and what perfect timing!
So today KK and I are both exhausted!! I sat in my bedroom with the a/c on and knitted. New project~~can't say until I see how it looks! Pictures will come if it turns out ok.
Still working on the orange cardi~~pieces are almost done!! Not sure if I'll get it together myself~~may need help with that!
Off to make some dinner!!

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