Friday, July 08, 2005

OK We're Bad,Very Bad!!!

What fun was had today!! Girls day out~~enough said??? No?? Ok, I'll tell you what we did! My friend Heather and I planned this day a couple weeks ago. After starting out a bit later than planned we were on the road!! Made that sound like we were really taking a trip,huh?? We started out under cloudy skies that darkened as we went along~~we kept telling one another it was going to clear but as the first rain drops fell we thought "hmm, maybe not"! We weren't going to let a little rain stop us!
First stop was terrific!! We hit this little country shop we love and everything was on sale!! Big trouble there!!! I found the cutest lamp shade for the lamp KK bought me at Antique World last weekend~~I was happy because that was on my "to get" list. This shop has the greatest country decorations~~somewhat primitive but not too much so. She was working on a small needle punch sampler that was adorable!!
I've wanted to try this forever but couldn't find needle/patterns etc. So of course I had to get what I needed to try one. I choose a pattern with a sheep on it~~not too much detail so I figured it would be good to learn on. I can't wait to try it!!
Heather got some really nice fabrics for a rag rug~~which I'm going to show her how to do!
Next stop was lunch~~use a lot of energy with all this shopping! While we're in the diner it starts pouring~~~buckets!! Nasty!! We're blocks away from the car!
Needless to say we got drenched but it was worth it!
Turned on the heat to dry our clothes and feet! Off we went to another shop but really didn't find anything there~~which was a good thing~~more $$ for the yarn shop!!
There was so much traffic we were starting to get worried that we might not make it before the shop closed! Finally we get there and had about 45 minutes before closing.
Fridays in the summer they close an hour earlier! They had some beautiful Lorna Laces yarn and Kouigu(sp?). I picked up some circulars I needed. I saw the cutest bag and decided I have to have it!! It's little and plain but the yarn is something I've never worked with. Course now I can't recall what it is and I'm too lazy to walk upstairs to look. I'll get some photos tomorrow and show you.They give you the pattern so that was good. As we're at the register I asked the woman if we were earlier would she have been able to wind our Shaffer skeins for us? She says "no problem, I'll do it!" Now it's past closing but she said she didn't mind. Thank goodness she did that~~those skeins are huge!! They were so big she couldn't wind the whole thing on the ball winder!! That was so nice of her!! So if you're ever in the Rochester,NY area you must stop at Spirit Work on Titus Ave!
After lugging our loot to the car we were off for home! I confess, we stopped again at the shop we were in earlier! The owner cracked up when she saw us walk in!
So a fun day despite the rain! KK said it never rained here at home but was dreary all day. The temp. has certainly dropped the last couple hours.
I'm going to go up and look at my "goodies" again and then soak in a hot bath!
A snack sounds good too~~~
Off to find some muchies

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