Saturday, July 09, 2005

Show and Tell

Tired today~~really tired so I thought I'd just post some photos! I mentioned that I've been cleaning and organizing "my room" and I'm going to prove it!!
You're only going to get to see half tho~~the clean half! I'm still working on the counter and that may take a while! I'm not even touching it today!
I'm going to try to finish a project later this evening and then I'll get a photo of that too. Just have to do a little bit of knitting and it will be done.
Started the needle punch this afternoon~~I love it!! Talk about a mindless project this is it! Once you get the hang of how to thread and hold the needle you're good to go! I think I'm going to like this because it can have that primitive look I like.
Going to sneak in a photo of Pepper, Heather's pup and see if she notices!!
So, I'm off to add some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!

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