Friday, July 15, 2005

Completely Disgusted!!

I'm annoyed!! Remember that really nice Noro I bought the other day on my outing? I love the color ~~did the bag~~worked up really,really quick! Putting it together was a pain! I'm not at all pleased with the way the gusset stitches look when all together. Now that it's sewn up I have to leave it because I don't have any more yarn to redo it if I wanted to! So, ok, I decide to live with it and I'll get a liner in~~nope that's not happening either! I found some fabric I really like and started the liner. My machine is shot~it refuses to sew more than a few stitches in a row before it acts up. I tried to get the liner in and then after ripping it out twice gave up! That's the reason I'm disgusted~~this should/could have been a FO!!
Damm~~double damm~~
It's soooo hot still~~we had a beaut of a storm yesterday afternoon and it did nothing for the humidity~~except maybe make it worse! Thank goodness we bought the a/c for the bedroom!
I've been working on the needlepunch and that looks great! I have one more section of border to do and it's finished. I think I may tea dye it when it's done and then have it framed.
Long hot day so~~
Off to shower

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