Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Waaay too early

This is much too early for me to be posting! I'm on here trying to keep myself awake! I was up late last and then had a very fitful night. Yesterday was another hot and sticky day ~~I had some things to do in the morning and it was awful driving around with no a/c!! Kk says he is going to have it fixed~~when???
Anyway when I got home I took the dogs right out and I was walking around the back when I heard this noise so I looked up and Ivy (greyhound) looked like she tripped or fell. I watched her and she couldn't right herself for a minute and when she finally did she was walking in circles with her head listing to the left. She couldn't stop until I ran over and then she leaned very heavily against my legs. If I tried to move away she started circling again and she was very wobbly. Ds stopped in and he got her to lay down while I called the vet~~of course he wasn't in and they said to watch her(duh) and call back in a half hour. After a bit you could see she wasn't as bad but still not good. About 45 minutes after the initial start she was much better~~but still not normal. The vet assistant called me back and I'm talking her in this morning in a few minutes. They said it sounded like a seizure~~
She's much better this morning but she's not walking right on her right front foot. Makes me think of a person that has suffered a stroke. Dogs don't have strokes they tell me. We'll see~~
I was nervous all last evening so I couldn't concentrate on the orange sweater~~so I had to start something new!! The Schafer yarn was yelling to me so what could I do but start my shawl??? After a couple false starts I'm on my way! I manage to get a few inches done but already I can see the need for circulars! Doesn't it figure?? No circulars in #8's~~isn't that always the way?
I've got a new project to work on besides the knitting but I won't mention what it is until I see how it works out~~I should say if it works out!!
KK is off today and the weather is wonderful this morning! The humidity is gone!!! So maybe we will do something when I get back from the vet.
Gotta run~~~


pleutim said...

My first thought was stroke too. Doesn't sound like a typical human seizure anyway. Not that I know anything about the medical issues for dogs. I hope she's okay and recovers completely. Poor puppy!

wendy g said...

Hope Ivy is doing ok

wendy said...

love to ivy! i've heard that happen to greyhounds before. i helped treat one actually. it might also be possible she injured her neck, because they are very sensitive in that area. it does sound more like a seizure though. either way, good luck to her, and lots of doggy hugs and kisses.