Monday, July 25, 2005

Busy, Busy!!

This is the first chance I've had to get here since Friday! How come you have absolutely nothing to do and then everything to do all at once??? Crazy!!
I did errands all Friday morning and then came home to a package from my SP5!!! What fun she made it to open! There was a customs slip on the outside of the box but she warned me not to look if I wanted to be surprised so I didn't!! Ripped that box open and what do I find inside??? She wrapped everything!! What fun to open~~I have to remember that for my Sp~(I didn't wrap the goodies) anyway I opened the wrapping and to my surprise there was still more wrapping!! Talk about suspense!! There was the cutest card of a Boston pup~~and Yes, Sp your eyes weren't deceiving you it is a Boston! There was the cutest pear shaped candle which is going right on my craft room table. A box of chocolates that so far I've resisted~~but today is the day! Lavender bath tea that I'm going to try tonight and some foot scrub that I definitely can use!! Then the most Gorgeous Merino wool yarn!!!! The colors are so perfect for me!! I couldn't have picked anything better myself! I'm thinking I need to cast on some socks for me immediately!!!!
Secret Pal you did the most wonderful job of spoiling me and I thank you so much!!!
If you were in front of me I'd lay a big hug on ya!!! You're the best!!
If you scroll down a bit you all should be able to see the photos of my goods and I know you'll agree she did a great job! There too is the ankle bracelet that my good friend Heather made for me! Isn't it kewl??
We had a busy weekend~~I went to the market and helped out until later Sat. afternoon and we were fairly busy. Got home about 4 or so and then DD was here a bit after 5. We had an appointment to go pick up field stones for her garden. We had to drive about a half hour to get there and then load them up. Someone was clearing out an area that they wanted to plant so they offered up these stones free for the taking. DD was thrilled to get them. Then we scooted back here and cooked dogs and corn on the grill~~cleaned up from that and then headed over to friends for a evening around the fire and drinks. We were there quite awhile when someone suggested we run over to the pub down the street so off we went. Played darts and the bowling game and then noticed it was almost 3:30!! What were we thinking???
Got home at 4:15 and had to take the dogs out!! Finally hit the bed about 4:40 and felt like I just fell asleep when I hear Sophie crying! It was time for her to go out at 7:15!!! Oh, no!!! Took care of them and then went straight back to bed!!
KK and I moped around for a bit then decided to go out for lunch~~rain was coming so we didn't feel like doing much outside. We had a buffet lunch and then went to the show and saw "The Island" ~~that was interesting! My biggest problem was trying to keep my eyes open!! I caught myself dosing off!! lol~~~
We got home and cleaned out the shed~~that was a good thing done!
Today is beautiful outside!! Sunny and not too warm or humid. I think I'll get out and do some reading! Maybe I'll just have to cast on some socks with my new yarn~~how can I resist???
Off to read and knit!!

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your secret pal said...

I'm so glad it arrived, safe and sound! I forgot to list the magnet on the slip, and I was worried that the customs fellows would go digging to find out what it was.

I'm thrilled, too, that you're enjoying it!