Friday, March 23, 2007

Bag Ho!!

Alright ~~ "hello, my name is Mz Mar and I'm a bag ho" there I've said it~~the truth is out!
I can not go through a store any store that has bags/totes/purses without stopping! KK and I can be walking along together and all of a sudden he's rows ahead of me talking away to himself because the lure of the bags has me! It's an obsession! Do I need anymore totes/bags etc. ?? Of course~~it goes without saying~~there can never be too many!
So with that being said here's my newest addition~~ Vera Bradley in red paisley~does it get any better than that?? Nope!! Of course you can see how impressed Sophie is,right??

I don't even feel guilty about this one because as it turns out it's my Xmas gift from KK! He gifted me with a new bag for Xmas and I didn't care for the shape~truthfully it was a laptop carrier not a purse. So I exchanged it for another of the same color. I didn't use it so I felt that showed that I still wasn't crazy about it and I'm so glad that I kept the receipt! I took it back the other day and was able to get this bag and wallet and still had $$ to spare!! Plus there was a free gift with purchase! I wound up with a $30 travel clock that matches my tote that I use whenever we go away! Good deal!!
Kk and I went out for one of our drives on his day off~~just randomly cruising around and we finished off the day with this~~

I know I look rather dorky there~~I've already got a mouth full of hot fudge, strawberries,homemade whip cream and chocolate ice cream! Look closely and you'll see I've got hot fudge on my mouth! Trust me that other sundae if not mine!! I did manage to finish mine and my stomach was killing me when I was finished!
As for WIP's here is the sweater progress~~it's coming along good and I've tried it on and it's fitting really well. The picture is hard to make out but it's a v-neck tunic. Still needs sleeves but if all goes well I'll have it finished in a couple days!!
I'm having fun doing this because the owner at one of lys shops is doing one along with me so we're having a friendly competition!

Well, DD is coming over so we're going to out awhile.
So off to get ready

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