Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is There Anything Cuter??

Baby clothes are just so darn cute!! When DD told me her friend is prego I had to knit this up! This is the five hour baby sweater a free pattern on here~~someplace!
It did take me longer than five hours but easy just the same!
Since I've last posted I did manage to finish these~~Tofutsie sock yarn in the Westport Waves pattern from Jeannie T!!
Great pattern and easy to remember! I had to give you two photos so you could see how the yarn worked up! I'm thrilled because I finally have a pair of socks that pooled! A few folks said they had trouble with this yarn splitting but I didn't find that a problem. I do feel metal needles work best with this yarn tho~~I used my Addi's and did them Magic Loop.

I started a new project last night~~a sweater! Yeah, I know there's one in my room hidden away someplace that needs to be finished but I don't want to talk about that! Anyway back to the new one~~I'm doing the Knitting Pure and Simple tunic. Another first~~I'm doing it in Bernat's Soft Boucle' and you know what that means??? It's all acrylic!! I saw this yarn at the lys and really liked the color~~not really the yarn so much but the color stuck in my mind until I went back and got some! It's called Earth Shades and it's a black and brown mix. It's a "me" color even tho I've been coming out of my shell lately and really checking out the brighter yarns ~~mostly the sock yarns. I'm going to have my raspberry/pinkish socks some day!!
I've been doing a lot of browsing on here lately and I've decided it's time to try some of the hand-dyed yarns by individuals~~Lisa Sousa(I'm thinking I don't have that spelled right) has some beautiful colors and I'm thinking I need to get some Lime and Violet since I really enjoy their podcast! There are so many it's mind boggling!
I feel holes boring into my back and I'll show you why~~they think when I sit here it's for their entertainment!
This is Caymen up here~~a 13 year old male

and this is Zazu a 11 year old female. I've had them since they were each a couple months old.
They are definitely in spring fever mode! Did I mention "LOUD"????
Time to get dinner together so~~
Off to cook

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kat said...

baby clothes are so satisfying aren't they? just so quick!